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Mental Health Matters, Take Care Of It

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Take care of your mental health

Mental health is a very important aspect of our lives, and sometimes we don’t take proper on-time care as it should. We feel that we are strong and that we can overcome anything, but we know very well that we are not always so, and sometimes we search for advice. How many of us have the courage to admit it or how many of us have paid attention to this aspect?

Losing a loved one, losing the job or simply a personal failure, may affect our lives forever. We should learn to control our emotions and try to treat everything with calm and positive thinking.

It is ok to get angry, we may pass the limit from time to time, but it is not ok to make this a habit and take advantage of the fact that you are in an advanced state of anger to get the benefits from those around you.

When we act because of anger, we expect that people who communicate with us to give up and understand us, acting exactly as we would like. Before going on this principle, you should think that we are all alike, all fall prey to  anger and tense situations, but is up to us to overcome them and feel better, both physically and mentally.
If you feel you can not cope and you still can not control your emotions and bad moments, would be best to consult a psychologist to guide you to appropriate treatment, herbal medicines, pills or mental exercise.

Herbs have many properties that stimulate brain activity, responsible for all our emotions and feelings. Many doctors recommend lime tea, for example, or aubergines tea for relaxation, to treat agitation and tension.

Pills are also an alternative for problems with depression and anxiety, but you should avoid long term use of such drugs because they can get addictive and does not give you a very good mood. While tea can give you energy and strength to recover, a pill calms you down, and you fall again in the same condition when the effect disappears.

Imagination and meditation exercises are the best, but they can be made only in the presence of a specialist to control the trajectory of emotion or in small groups that work for the same purpose: defeating depression and all the factors that affect our mental health.