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Natural Remedies Using Bee Products

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Bee products remedies

Without replacing the drugs prescribed by your medic, bee products can be successfully used in case of various health problems. Here are a few natural remedies for some diseases and conditions:

Treatment of wounds:

Applying honey directly on the wound is antimicrobial, eliminating secretions and impurities. For wounds that will not heal, there is a mixture of equal parts of honey and fish oil. Apply directly to wound, cover with sterile dressing, and after 3-4 hours rinse the wound with chamomile tea. This cream restores elasticity of muscle fibers, helping to activate the formation of tissue regeneration.

Bee products remedies

Skin burns and boils:

Mix 3 parts of honey with one part flour. Cover the affected area with this mixture and change the dressing after ten hours, then, after another four hours wash the area with chamomile tea.

Fungi of the skin:

Wipe the area with a solution of wormwood tea plus propolis tincture (20 drops per 100 ml of tea). After 10 minutes, rub with honey, and after 3-4 hours rinse with the same solution. Repeat 3-4 times / day.

Pulmonary tuberculosis:

In 1 kg of honey mix 100 grams of finely grated horseradish. Let it soak for 7-8 days, then take a tablespoon per day, two hours before lunch.

Pharyngitis and laryngitis:

Gargle in the morning and evening with warm tea of mallow leaves and flowers, in which dilute a tablespoon of lime honey (per 50 ml of tea). Chew honeycomb with honey, one hour daily between 10 and 11 am.


Natural remedies with bee products

Take daily a tablespoon of lime honey diluted in marjoram tea. For asthma crisis mix one teaspoon of honey with egg yolk and 2-3 cloves of raw garlic. Take small sips.


Take in equal parts, mistletoe (leaves and young branches), nettle leaves and horsetail plant, tamp down with a glass jar to fill and pour alcohol of over 50 degrees. Close the lid as tightly, and after two-week filter the solution. Take daily a teaspoon of this mixture diluted in 100 ml of water at room temperature, you can also take a teaspoon of honey with a tablespoon of apple vinegar. Take the solution in the morning for at least three weeks.


Honey and pollen contain the elements necessary to sustain bone structure. If the disease is already installed, we suggest this recipe: 200 gr. of rice flour, 200 gr. of forest honey, 50 gr. pollen, 100 ml fresh raw milk. Mix in a bowl until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The mixture is placed in a dark glass jar and stored in the refrigerator. Take three tablespoons daily, two hours before meals, until the end of the recipe amount.