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Nettles – Useful Therapeutic Indications

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Nettle roots are thin and stretched under the earth as a network, often several feet long (nettles grow in colonies), which is very easy to dig, because it develops in shallow. After digging, the roots are cut – leaving some of them still in the ground to ensure the regeneration – and then quickly washed in a stream of water and allow to dry. Let them fresh or dry in the sun until it becomes brittle, this is a sign that can be stored.

Young nettle leaves are collected in March and early April, on the breaking wave. During the harvest is good to use a glove to protect ourselves, because nettle hairs grow long before the leaves reach maturity. Usually, young nettle leaves are not dry, but shall be consumed fresh, as we will see below.

Nettle-based therapeutic preparations:

Juice: It is produced by mixing or by maceration in water.

Tincture: Nettle roots are cut fresh, chopped, and put in a jar with a cap, then add alcohol of seventy degrees. Close the jar tightly and leave to soak for 2-3 weeks in a warm place. After the transition period of maceration, filter, and you will obtained tincture bottles that must be kept in small, dark places. You can take a teaspoon of this tincture 3-4 times daily on an empty stomach. Usually, each dose of tincture is diluted in half a glass of water before administration.

Root powder: Grind finely with an electric coffee grinder the dried nettle roots. Administration is on an empty stomach: 1 teaspoon of powder 4-6 times a day.

Nettle syrup: It is made from fresh nettle leaves, which are chopped finely, then put in a jar, filling it three quarters with water. The remaining volume is filled with honey, stirring it continuously to homogenize the preparation. Close the jar and let the content soak for 30 days, then filter it and you’ll obtaining a green syrup, which is an exceptional rejuvenating and detoxifying product.

Various diseases can be cured by treatment with nettle:

– Poor immune system – must be consumed 2 glasses of nettle juice daily, on an empty stomach before meals. This juice has a powerful blood cleanser action, regulates immune and inflammatory system. A cure lasts a minimum of 21 days, with 5 days break, then you can resume.


– Prostatic adenoma, prostatitis – take a teaspoon of tincture of nettle root, four times a day. Additionally, drink one glass of nettle juice daily (obtained from the leaves, not only from the roots). Treatment takes less than a month, and the effects are spectacular, as nettle acts not only as anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor, but also has very good hormone regulation effect, acting on the cause of the disease.

– Anemia, etching – is consumed 1-2 glasses of juice per day. Simultaneously, people eat boiled nettles (cooked), one bowl per day minimum for massive minerals intake. Usually, a course of remineralization and decoction of nettle juice for two weeks. The effects are much stronger if you eat raw egg yolks, 1-2 daily.

– Irregular menstrual cycle or heavy bleeding – nettle juice to drink, two drinks per day in the course of three weeks, with one week break. Nettle leaves are anti-inflammatory and anti-haemorrhagics and have a long term effects of endocrine regulatory great. For women are recommended for skin diseases (such as acne or eczema) that occur against the background of hormonal disorders.

– Chronic kidney disease, renal failure adjunct – consume a glass of nettle juice in the morning immediately after waking up. The treatment lasts 20-30 days and has great regenerative effects of diuretics and renal epithelium.

– Hypertension – before meals, drink half a glass of nettle juice. In addition to regulating blood pressure effects, aqueous extract of nettle has a protective effect on blood vessels, prevents sclerosis and hardening our vessels.

– Hair loss, baldness – is known that nettle decoction of leaves placed in the final rinse to wash the head makes the hair grow healthy and beautiful. Recently, scientists have observed that, in time, nettle root slows down the internal time of hormonal processes that lead to degradation and loss of hair with age. The treatments can be made at every 60 days, during which you can take half a teaspoon of nettle root powder, 3-4 times daily on an empty stomach.

An important observation:

It was found that the nettle leaves and roots have quite different effects, so it is necessary to use separate categories for treating certain diseases. Thus, the roots taken internally are good regulators of hormonal activity in males, healthy hair, and promotes regeneration of epithelium, with immunomodulatory and anticancer effects. Instead, the leaves are very good as anti-inflammatory and anti-haemorrhagics, contain many minerals, have a depurative, voltage regulator and strong diuretic effects.