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Onions Prevent And Cure Headaches, Fever, Impotence

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A round vegetable, coated with golden leafs, which is used in soups, salads and other recipes. Few know that a single onion can bring health miracles. Onions are known for 6,000 years. The country of origin is Asia.

In China, there is even a mountain called onion Dzunglini. A bunch of onions was found in a sarcophagus. In ancient Greek times, writer Homer talks about the onion in the Iliad and Odyssey. There are even proverbs about onions: “He eats lots of onions, God saves a lot of trouble.” An entire pharmacy is found in one onion.

But what it contains?

Essential oils, organic acids, citric acid, yeast, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, PP, E, carotenoids, fitoncide, minerals, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, sulfur, silicon and aphrodisiacs substances.

Preparations with onion can treat many conditions. Moreover, the onion is cheap and handy.

1. Fresh juice of onion – one teaspoon 4-6 times daily 15 minutes before lunch. Cure diseases such as hypertonia, kidney stones, hemorrhoids, constipation, if treatment is followed for 21 days.

2. A chopped onion, we pour 0.5 gallons of hot water, wraps and infuses for 24 hours. Drink 1 cup 3-4 times daily 20 minutes before meals. Cure fever, headaches, diarrhea, intestinal worms.

Other diseases that can be treated with onion

Urinary tract

– In case of proteinuria, take 300g of onions, 100 g of honey, 1 tablespoon of rosemary, 700 ml of white wine. Place the infused doze for 20 days. Drink 50 g of this mixture 3 times a day.

– Another secret recipe of herbal medicine is to dissolve kidney stones: Take chives, add 1 cup hot water, it infuses every 30 minutes and drink half a cup 3-4 times daily with 30 minutes before lunch.

– Infused with white wine onions really help cure renal microlithiasis.



– Onion infused with honey can cure cough in 12 hours. Take one teaspoon three times daily.
– 10 peel onions in one liter of boiling water in a closed container. Before the meal, drink 150 g of composition 3 times per day.
– 10 large onions and a clove of garlic boiled in fresh milk, unpasteurized. Add honey, drink a teaspoon three times a day. It is a good expectorant.
– You take a glass and fill with chopped onions. Cover with a dough and put it in the oven until its cooked well. Allow to cool. Take two tablespoons of this mixture three times a day.
– To get rid of dry cough, take an onion and two tablespoons of goose fat. You make a massage in the morning, and eat a teaspoon of this composition.


– Fresh onion juice is used to cure different fungus, moles and freckles.
– Corns: Take a piece of onion, cover with vinegar for two weeks. Then the bark is used as a dressing that places with corns, during the night.
– Boils: Cook the onion in an oven and apply on affected area.

What you did not know about onions:

In general, green onion is considered to be an important medicinal plant, among other things, it has also the capacity to produce a powerful sudorific effect. But what is less known, I will present the following lines.

– Erectile dysfunction is treated with green onions

Even if not as fast as Viagra, will cure sexual impotence without triggering secondary effects (eg heart problems) that drug treatments generate. It is recommended daily consumption of green onions with celery (root and leaves), tarragon and parsley, garlic and green carrot (leaves and flowers).

– For breastfeeding women: can increase the amount of milk by eating a piece of green onion.

– Low menstruation: Peel 1 kg of onions and add two cups of water. Boil for 20 minutes, then cool. Drink two glasses per day.

– Migraines: Take an onion, a potato, a pickle. Add one quart of wine vinegar. Apply on the neck or forehead compresses with the solution.

Maybe you worry about another effect of the onion, the smell of breath. It is good that after administration of onion to eat a sour orange.