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Parsley – A Herbal Remedy, Therapeutic Indications

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We know parsley so well as food, so the idea that could be a medicine seems more like a figure of speech. Cooked in soups, chopped into salads until has became trivialized too much. And yet, you should reconsider parsley, entitling it with the importance it deserve. Few herbs in the world can compare with the efficiency of this vegetable, which if, properly prepared and administered, the therapeutic actions are extremely intense. So intense, that the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies and prestigious universities in the world have studied a lot to learn his secrets. Therefore we should put it where he belongs: among the miracles of nature, growing up in our garden of vegetables.

What we use from the parsley:

Everything! The root is an excellent remineralizing, driver of the kidneys, liver and antiviral drainer. Leaves and stems helps neutralize and eliminate toxins from the body, freshens breath, helps dissolve and eliminate kidney and liver stones. The fruits (seeds) of Parsley are a powerful digestive tonic, strongly stimulates the sexual glands and is an amazingly powerful aphrodisiac, can combat alcoholism. Here are some preparations of parsley..

Leaf juice:

To obtain fresh parsley juice, mix up a handful of fresh leaves with four tablespoons of water, then let it soak for half an hour, then filter. Liquor obtained is best to drink immediately or be stored in a refrigerator, but no more than 4 hours. Fresh juice made from parsley is a powerful medicine, which can also be diluted in a little carrot juice. As a rule, is to be taken four times a day, 4-6 tablespoons of parsley juice, diluted in a quarter glass of carrot juice.

Parsley Herbal

Root juice:

Can be prepared in two ways:

– With a centrifugal juicer: Parsley roots are washed, possibly rubbing them with a stiff brush, but not erase them with a knife, because it would lose some valuable vitamins and enzymes contained in the thin crust on the surface. After washing, cut in pieces, then put in the juicer. The resulting juice is consumed immediately or placed in a bottle and let cool. Should be taken within 30 minutes of preparation, diluted 1:3 in carrot root juice.

– Chopping followed by manual filtering: Parsley roots washed and cut into small pieces, then put it through the manual meat grinder. The paste thus obtained is filtered through a gauze, so the juice finally got to be more clear. The juice is put aside, and the result residue is used for culinary purposes or throw. Must be administred in maximum 30 minutes after getting the juice.

Parsley powder:

Parsley powder is obtained by grinding the seeds with an electric coffee grinder or by crushing them. After grinding, the powder is kept in a refrigerator in a tightly closed jar for the volatile oils to not evaporate. Can be taken half a teaspoon, 2-3 times per day.

Parsley poultice:

Parsley root wrapped on the affected areas. Apply poultices with parsley roots to the affected area for 30-60 minutes, then remove and let air dry the skin. Usually, applications are made daily, but no more than 7 days.

Various diseases are cured by internal treatment with parsley:

– Viral hepatitis. Recent studies have shown that parsley has an unusual effect against viruses that attack the liver. Therefore it is recommended for patients with hepatitis A, B and C to make a cure time of four weeks with fresh parsley juice, fifteen tablespoons per day, taken preferably on an empty stomach, before meals.

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