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Passion flower – Natural Soothing For the Daily Stress

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Daily we are exposed to a variety of stressful situations so we start to get used with stress and live with him as like a part of our existence. But the stress should not be accepted as a natural part of everyday activities, since untreated, stress is the cause of migraines, palpitations, fatigue, loss of appetite and decreased memory and attention capacity.

Naturopathic doctors warn that in an attempt to relieve stress, we get “bombarded” by so-called body fixes, miracle pills, which in turn makes us more harm than good due to increased intake of chemicals.

Passion flower, known also as the Passiflora, is recognized by naturopathic doctors for its beneficial qualities that remedy problems caused by stress.

Therapeutic benefits of passion flower:

Passion flower or Passiflora part of the Passifloraceae family is a climbing plant that climbs up to 5-6 meters. It is native to tropical and subtropical areas of the U.S. South, Central America, Mexico, currently being cultivated in India, West Indies, in Africa and in tropical and subtropical areas.

Passiflora has edible fruits, used mostly mixed in the preparation of exotic fruit juices, but also has powerful therapeutic qualities.

Natural sedative in insomnia and feelings of nervous agitation:

Passion flower acts as a sedative in nervous agitation, in insomnia, in gastrointestinal disorders of nervous nature, especially in children. Sedative activity is mainly due to phytocomplex flavonidic substance acting with other active substances of this plant.

Useful against insomnia, nervous states (anxiety, hysteria, palpitations) neurasthenia, excitation of brain (epilepsy), it also serves to treat menopausal disorders. Helps in antispasmodic and devoid of danger, passion flower is positive for neuralgia and spasmodic asthma.