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Peaches and Their Health Benefits

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Fragrant and tasty, peaches have a truly magical composition: minerals, vitamins and fiber. “Eat them with confidence,” say specialists. These fruits provide many health benefits, as we will talk about in this article.

Fresh peaches should be eaten for treating anemia, for healing bowel and gallbladder problems. Peach juice is indicated in heart rhythm disorders, stomach ailments with low acidity. Peaches help eliminate toxins from the body. However, consumption of such fruits, as the juice, by people with easily irritated nervous system is recommended with caution, because peaches have a great exciting action.

Hydrating the body:

Moisturizing effect of peach and content-rich minerals that replaces those lost through sweat are just some of the aspects that make this fruit a real medicine against problems caused by hot weather. Resistance to high temperatures (the problem becoming more acute in recent years) is more complex to be solved only by regular hydration and consumption of foods and beverages rich in minerals. Peaches can solve this problem easily.

Peaches Benefits

Regulates blood pressure:

Consumption of peaches reduces the risk of cerebral accidents or myocardial infarction. This effect is especially important in summer and winter, when the body face more difficulty regulating blood pressure in contact with extreme temperatures. For people with these kind of health problems, peach is a food that should not be missed especially in the hot summer.

Peaches and weight loss diets:

Peaches are accepted in many modern diets, containing only 39 calories per 100g. In addition to this, peaches have the great advantage to significantly reduce hunger through several different mechanisms. Most common are increased water intake and reduced gastric acidity. The consumption of peaches reduces hunger, which allows us a psychological comfort when eating less in terms of quantity or selected foods which are not sufficiently reducing the gastric acidity.

Treating fear, anxiety and uncertainty:

British neurobiologists have observed so that some foods, including peaches, have the ability to adjust the productivity of these neurohormone involved in the mechanism of fear, fears of new things, changing, or anxiety. According to those researchers, some alcohols like aldehyde, present in peach peel, confer a revitalization of the neurohormone producing “anti-fear” cells, while having an antidepressant and anti-anxiety effect.