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Peanuts and Their Nutritional Properties – Medicinal Indications

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Peanuts are extremely nutritious. Their medicinal properties are not very important, but deserve consideration. Peanut consumption drives the activity of liver and biliary system. It was also noted that compounds found in peanut tissues contribute in combating aging. Peanuts are a food commonly used with good results in cases of intellectual exhaustion, increased physical fatigue, bowel facility and in many other diseases and conditions.

Peanuts are very nutritious food, energizing, peanut is a natural source of essential amino acids, nervous tonic, high content of vitamins in group B, they’re also called “the nerve food”. Psychiatrists found that the peanut consumers are not developing forms of advanced neurosis, which then can trigger severe psychosis. It was also found that by eating peanuts, neurons on the surface of the brain and hypothalamus are activated, these are involved in inducing sleep and mental relaxation, favoring the release of potassium from cells, a process equivalent to a resting brain.

On the other hand, potassium is an element of excitement and participate in the inhibition of any cell, eating peanuts we provide the proper potassium for neural centers for proper functioning of the nervous system. Peanut kernels are nutritious, energizing, easily digestible with anti-anemic and remineralizing effects.

They have antiviral and anticancer properties, cancer in the first phase can be cured by peanut-consuming, it was observed that interferon producing leukocytes in cancer enhance their activity by 24-25 times. Peanuts also have aphrodisiac effect by stimulating the activity of sex glands, nutritionists have shown that daily consumption of peanuts for a year, increase sexual appetite with over 35% to 25% in men and women. Helps in hormonal balance especially in women who use contraceptives. Peanuts also have the ability to dissolve kidney stones.


Medicinal indications of nuts:

During growth
Intellectual efforts
Are beneficial in diabetes
Intestinal parasites (tapeworm)
Menopausal disorders
Suitable for persons treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Circulatory diseases
Heart disease
Pulmonary Diseases
Nervous system tone
Liver failure

Peanuts cure:

The cure consists of systematic consumption of peanuts in the morning, at breakfast and evening 20-50gr per day of crushed peanuts are consumed with sour cream (do not drink coffee or tea before consumption of peanuts). Do not consume sour milk or yogurt, too much sugar or alcohol, as these can reduce absorption of many minerals and active ingredients from peanuts. Salted peanuts are less indicated because the natural composition and properties of the fruit are changed.

Peanut oil extracted from kernels obtained by cold pressing is very tasty and nutritious, the rests after oil extraction is sometimes used in the manufacturing of chocolate. One tablespoon peanut oil, consumed in the morning for 15 days is one of the best remedies against tapeworm.

Nutritionists recommend raw peanuts, because only in this form their nutritional qualities and energy remain intact.

Peanuts are contraindicated for babies up to one year of age, and for people who are allergic to peanuts.