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Pears And Their Therapeutic Values

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Pears are among the first fruits cultivated on earth. First, spontaneous increased their growth at the foot of the Himalayas, 6,000 years ago. Then they were grown and started their gradual spread in Asia and in Europe, having a privileged place in all the royal gardens in the world. It is said about pears that bring kindness and forgiveness for the human soul, as they are recommended in the diet of choleric people who get angry easily. It is believed that pears are the fruits of hope and optimism that favors recall of generous impulses.

About the therapeutic value of these fruits was not known anything for a long time. Recent studies have shown, however, that the pears are distinguished by several healing qualities rarely found in other foods, they’re exceptional in treating kidney and urinary disorders, cardiovascular diseases, as well as poisoning and diseases that occur on the background of immune deficiency.

Here are some health remedies with pears:

– Colitis can be cured in one week with the following treatment: Before each of the three main meals are consumed half a kilogram of fresh pears. During this diet period, and 2 months after, the diet will be exclusively vegetarian with no meat, no eggs, no dairy products (you can only eat butter, and fermentated yoghurt).


– Anemia (including that which occurs in children). Daily drink at least one kilogram of pear juice or nectar. Pears, besides the fact that they are quite rich in iron, stimulates haematopoiesis, the formation of red blood cells.

– Infections associated with fever, immune deficiencies. It is a cure for 1-2 weeks with pear nectar of which consume less than one liter per day. The fruit favors the production role of immune cells, relieves fever, feed the body, helping to fight the disease.

– Hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, cardio-vascular diseases in general. Recent studies have shown that high consumption of polyphenols (especially organic substances present in pears) from natural sources is in close contact with a much lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Pears and peaches are the most rich in these natural substances, especially when not treated with pesticides. Especially people with predisposition to this type of disease, or cardiovascular diseases that are already installed, should consume in large quantities during the fall of the fruit, especially pears, chemically untreated.

– Kidney stones. Drink daily for 2-3 weeks, 1 liter of pear juice. This remedy not only dissolve and grind the stones, but also promotes their prompt removal by increasing urine output. Moreover, the pears are an excellent incentive for kidney activity.