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Pears Are Very Good For Our Health

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Nothing can compare to the taste of ripe pears which gives a refreshing effect on patients with fatigue or mental strain, after a long day at work or after a sustained intellectual effort. This is explained by the fact that pears have sedative and calming effects for the nervous system. The fruit is recommended to be consumed as is before meals, is useful in kidney disease, cancer, hemorrhoids and in many other conditions.

Ensure Heart and Colon Health

Because they are rich in fiber, they reduce the “bad” cholesterol and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease, remove toxins from the colon and prevent colon cancer. Typically, foods high in fiber are recommended for people with diabetes, as maintaining the normal glucose level. Also, the fibers are helpful for people suffering from constipation.


Protects Against Breast Cancer

A study conducted on a sample of hundreds of postmenopausal women showed that breast cancer risk is clearly diminished by up to 34% in those women who consumed high-fiber fruits. Fruits richest in fiber include: pears, apples, figs and prunes.

Prevent Macular (Vision) Degeneration

Surely you remember when your mother told you to eat carrots for healthy eyes. And he was right, but besides carrots, fruits are also crucial to maintain healthy eyes. According to a study published in Archives of Ophthalmology Magazine, 3 servings of fruit consumed each day reduced by 36% the risk of macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss in older people. If three servings of fruit might seem a lot, try to use them for decorating various foods. Put the pear pieces over cereal you eat in the morning, yogurt as a snack, in salads with herbs and in combination with fish based meals.