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Plants of Peace – Natural Remedies For Body and Soul

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Late August – early September is when we experience a significant transformation of nature: the sun loosens its intensity, the afternoon light takes on a golden hue, the sky is deep blue, the green foliage darkens and becomes less evident, a sign that the plants have reached  maturity. It is somewhat of a rest period, rest between a hurry and tumultuous summer and autumn melancholy, which nature prepares to hibernate for.

A moment of fulfillment and serenity, induced by both landscapes and hushed temperatures, the specific flavors of early autumn. A good time for spiritual calm, a moment to heal and bustle of the summer holidays, and more or less fears and anxiety, or perhaps negative emotions. A time to lift the hedge between the noisy world and us. The natural pharmacy has cure for everything, flowers and herbs that heal not only the body, but also our mental problems.

At night I sleep very hard and have a light sleep, waking at any stimulus..

It is a specific form of insomnia for those with a higher psychic energy, but does not know how to channel it, and also for the emotional people, to which this problem occurs temporarily during busy periods in May. A sedative remedy that rarely fails in these cases is tincture of valerian (Valeriana officinalis). It uses the root, which in September, is ready to harvest.

It is prepared as follows: put in a jar with a screw ten tablespoons of powdered valerian, then add two cups (400 ml) of potable alcohol of 70 degrees. Close the jar tightly and let it soak for two weeks, then filter and put the the tincture obtained is small, dark bottle. Take, 10 minutes before bedtime, 1-2 teaspoons of valerian root tincture, diluted in half a glass of water. Treatment is for twelve nights in a row, followed by four days of rest. Valerian calms prompt thoughts and emotions, alleviate stress and fear, inducing a state of peace and calm conducive to a restful sleep.

I get angry very easily..

The control of aggressive people is undoubtedly one of the thorniest issues in medicine and psychology. This, more so as nerves are several ways: externalized or internalized, of short time or longer duration, more or less motivated, etc.. There is one sure thing – several states of anger, no matter how justified it may seem, are a real poison, both mentally as well as for the body, both for its own existence, as well as others. Synthetic painkillers are only rarely a solution for those who face this problem, mild herbs and their actions on long term are a more appropriate remedy. Below are noted some herbal remedies used for anxiety:

– Buds and lime (Tilia sp.) Are found in pharmacies in the form of glycerine and macerate, is given in the form of courses of 1-2 months. Every day, taken three times, 50 drops of this preparation, diluted in water. Lime buds are especially recommended for those extremely impulsive, extroverted, dominant, that rage.

– Butterbur (Petasites officinalis) is a mountain plant, which grows near water courses. Is also called sweet burdock because of its huge leaves perfume, which have exceptional soothing properties. From the dried leaves can be made a powder by grinding with an electric coffee grinder, powder to be administered 3 times a day, a spoon, in the course of at least a month. It is an exceptional remedy to treat anxiety in introverted people, who do not outwardly but rarely get to live resentment and feelings of intense frustration exploding.

I have nightmares or dreams tormenting my sleep, I’m interrupted by powerful feelings of anxiety..

The origin of these sleep disorders is still unclear. The hypothesis most widely circulated is that the unresolved frustrations and fears are stored and then repressed during the waking state, while sleeping is materialized in the form of bad dreams. The problem is that these repeated dreams come to do very little restful sleep and to produce a chain reaction, and more serious emotional disorders. What to do?

In medicinal plants there where I just talked about butterbur, which besides its exceptional quality of calming, has a mysterious property: Rinse your dreams and make sleep more restful. Those who have studied the effects of plants on the human psyche have even claimed that this process alters the emotional state of expansion and favors eliminating unpleasant emotions, during a state of sleep, life benefits of emotions: love, joy, peace, etc.. Butterbur can be administered in the afternoon, at 17, one teaspoon of this herbal powder and another teaspoon at night before bed. The treatment lasts a month and can be resumed after 5-7 days of rest.


Bad weather gives me feelings of sadness and anxiety..

In specific terms, millions of people are suffering from this problem, its is called weather-sensibility and is increasingly among people even more. Especially in the rainy days, dark and cloudy sky, ceiling down emotions as developed as the weather outside, tending to become unstable and dreary. There is a cure for this? A plant with psycho-stabilizing properties, which grows in every garden: rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis).

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