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Pomegranate – A Source of Health and Beauty

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Pomegranate properties

Pomegranate is high in vitamins. It is now cultivated both in the Mediterranean, and in other countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, northern India, Malaysia, Spain and USA (mainly in California and Arizona).

Pomegranate fruit helps you maintain your health and beauty. Here’s what it contains:

– Calories: 79
– Protein: 0.7 gr
– Fat: 0.6 gr
– Sugars: 16.9 gr
– Calcium: 9 mg
– Potassium: 264 mg
– Phosphorus: 18 mg

Pomegranate plant is a shrub or a bush with many branches, which reach a height of 2 to 5 m. The leaves are glossy, and the flowers have a reddish-orange color. Pomegranate blooms all summer, making it a favorite among plants for gardens and terraces. Fruits are large, almost round, with a glossy skin, of pinkish color.

Pomegranate properties

Fresh pomegranate fruit can be stored in a cool place, up to a month. If stored in cold for a long time, their skin becomes dull and hardens. Thus, fruits are not good for consumption or for the preparation of juice, but the seeds can be used to prepare beauty masks for face. Pomegranates are picked when ripe. After being picked, pomegranate does not produce sugars anymore.

Pomegranate seeds

Inside the fruit is composed of many grains – juicy. Each grain contains a seed. Seeds can be dried and can be used as a spice because of sour taste.

Regarding the role of pomegranate in medicine and cosmetics – because it contains vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium – it is recommended to prevent cardiovascular disease and anemia. It protects from prostate, colon and small intestine diseases. It is recommended even for lowering cholesterol.

A single fruit covers 40% of the RDA of vitamin C of an adult, is rich in vitamin A and E, folic acid, and contains many antioxidants.

Pomegranate health benefits

Natural cosmetics

In cosmetics, it was discovered that pomegranate extracts are great for the skin. The fruit contains ellagic acid, which has anticancer effects, antimutagenic, anticarcinogenic, antiviral and help in pigmentation spots caused by sunburn.

Pomegranate can be a key ingredient for maintaining beauty, and especially, our health.