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Quantum Physics Discoveries and How It Affects Your Daily Life

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Our brains always think, whether we want it or not. Each of us has about 60,000 thoughts a day.

All of these thoughts produce consequences, because every thought is actually energy that we are launching into the Universe, and not just in a desired direction, but in all directions. The energy emanating from our thoughts seeks its own way to another energy with which to vibrate in unison.

Every thought, whether good or bad, triggers a resonance process. Everything that will vibrate in unison with the energy of our thoughts will be attracted automatically into our lives. Your secret thoughts, the way you judge others, the endless talk of the mind – it all forms a kind of intent.

So, through our thoughts, we permanently emit energy to the outside world, which influences to a large extent what we draw into our lives. That’s why a careful scan of our thoughts, especially of ourselves, helps us conspire what we have to change. The great part is the fact it is up to us to choose our own thoughts, with a little effort of mind control of course.

Like a TV, we can switch to different programs, and if you’re tired of the show “I think I’m stupid and not good enough”, just press the ‘remote’ button and choose “God’s love surrounds me and sustains me every moment of my life.” Is that simple to feel better about yourself and attract positive things into your life.

1. In creating our reality, not only thought is involved, there is also something else: our heart

Until recently, the scientists believed that only by our thoughts we are emitting energy to the outside, and that the most powerful energy emitter in our body would be the brain, with its electromagnetic impulses.
But our body has another stronger emitter – the heart – that generates a much larger electric field than the brain.

This is one of the essential quantum findings of the twentieth century: the fact that the human heart plays a more important role than that of pumping blood into the human body. Responsible for this discovery is the California Cardiology Institute, which has conducted a thorough study of the heart. This has revealed that this human organ is endowed with what we call the “intelligence of the heart” and that its influences are very profound for us.

The measurements made show that the heart generates an electric field that extends far beyond our body. This electric field has a particular shape, looking like a wide ring around the body, with a radius of about 2-3 meters around it.

The Cardiology Institute has also discovered that the heart interacts with both the body and the external environment through the electromagnetic fields it generates. There is reason to believe that this heart-generated field has many kilometers of influence outside of our body, starting from the physical location of the heart.

How can the heart do this? How does she communicate? How is the information transmitted?

universe and human emotions

First of all through emotions

Science tells us that when we feel an emotion, it is transposed into appropriate electrical and magnetic energies that interact with the cells of our body and with the atoms of the surrounding world to produce those formidable effects that all authentic spiritual traditions speak of. They know how to direct the aspirant’s attention to the heart, while we focus on reason, thus creating a very mental society, based only on logic.

Other studies on the heart have shown that these electromagnetic fields generated by the heart also have another equally important cause, namely our beliefs, all those things we strongly believe, and around which we shape our lives.

So, not only our emotions are emitted outside, but our convictions are emitted too. And the heart is a kind of interface that transforms all our emotions and beliefs into electromagnetic energies. So through our feelings, through love, forgiveness, compassion, but also by mania, hatred, annoyance, we can make changes inside our body as well as at many kilometers outside of us.

Drawing the line, its good to remember the following: Although the brain also emits electromagnetic fields, scientists have shown that the electrical waves produced by the heart are 100 times stronger and the magnetic waves are 5,000 times more powerful than those generated by the brain.

This explains why healing is obtained faster by affective support than by a thought process, because we are emitting more energy through the heart than through the brain.

2. Human DNA has a direct influence on the surrounding world

There is still an important scientific discovery that shows how we influence the reality we live in. We know, theoretically, that everything is interconnected and mysteriously interdependent. But let’s see how this law translates to our micro-universe.

Laboratory studies have shown that human DNA directly influences the substance from which atoms are formed, that is, small particles of light called photons.

According to online information, Russian physicist Vladimir Poponin did some famous experiments in the early 1990s. He put in a closed tube, human DNA and photons, wanting to find out what effect the human DNA has on the photons. From one of the test tubes, the whole air was extracted to obtain “vacuum” (vacuum is a misleading term because it is not an empty space, but it is full of information and energy).

In such a space there are photons that can be measured quite accurately with some specific devices. In Poponin’s experiment, these photons were distributed, as expected, in a disorderly manner, without respecting a particular order.

Then human DNA was introduced into this vacuum tube. And now a very surprising thing has happened. Human DNA had a direct influence on photons: through a mysterious force, he ordered photons in regular forms.

This is very, very profound because it looks like the substance from which we are created; DNA, has a direct influence on the particles from which the world is created, that is, the photons of the atoms. It is the first time that Western science has demonstrated what ancient spiritual traditions said a long time ago: we are an integral part of this world and we are constantly influencing it.

And the experiment does not stop here. When human DNA was extracted from the tube, the photons behaved as if the DNA was still present there. They kept their order. Photons and human DNA still kept in touch, even though they had been physically separated. It seemed like a invisible subtle field still kept them connected.

Poponin’s experiment concluded that there is a quantum field that unites us with everything that exists around us. Through this field, we are always in touch with everything that surrounds us, whether we are aware of it or not.

3. Human DNA is influenced, in turn, by feelings

The human feelings that spring from the heart, having our strong beliefs behind, actually alter the form of DNA, and it influences the atoms. The effects of pure feelings on DNA have been tested. For this, DNA was isolated from different individuals in one tube. These DNA tubes have been subjected to strong emotional fields. For this, experimental subjects used different emotional and spiritual techniques.

One thing has been noticed that, contrary to the old laws of physics, it should not have happened. While the participant was issuing a strong emotional field, electrical reactions at the DNA level could be measured. The individuals who participated in this test could only influence the DNA molecule in the test tube through their powerful emotions.

When the subjects of the experiment were releasing love or gratitude, the DNA molecule dilated, and the DNA chains opened and increased in volume.

When those subjects were experiencing anger, frustration, or stress, the DNA molecule shrunk and blocked so many of its codes, responding to negative emotions through a sharp contraction. It has been empirically observed how our emotions, beliefs, and feelings can alter the structure of the DNA molecule, as well as its ordering into cells.

Scientists have noticed that this blockade of DNA codes could be canceled as long as the subjects were once again giving up gratitude, love, and happiness. These findings, which have shown that DNA genes are altered by external energies, underlie the founding of a new science called Epigenetics.

The brain is a command center that interprets the events from the outside and then sends in the body the appropriate signals. These signals include both biochemical reactions and electromagnetic waves. These signals directly affect cells and produce changes to their genetic codes.

With the help of a very precise atomic clock, the difference in time between emitting an emotion and the DNA response to it was measured. It has been observed that the DNA reaction has always occurred simultaneously.
Everything we think and feel, our DNA perceives in less than a nanosecond (0.00000000 seconds), regardless of whether the DNA sample is near us or on the other side of the Earth!

The conclusion

Our thoughts and feelings can change DNA, and DNA change directly, the matter of which the world is structured from.

When we live in certain moods, such as compassion, forgiveness, love, but also negative states such as mania hatred, anguish or jealousy, we directly influence our DNA structure, and these changes are propagated in our body , and beyond, on extraordinarily large distances, thanks to the quantum field – influencing everything that exists in this world.