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Read Your Health By The Shape of Your Nails and Hand Lines

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There are no ill Chinese which does not go to the doctor, not because politeness, but because he wants to examine the shape and structure of the skin, fingers, nails, pronounced wrinkles and lines in the hand.

For Chinese doctors the hand is a map of the entire body, which helps to make a precise diagnosis.

This diagnostic method, known since antiquity in India, Greece and Egypt, is called chirology (from the Greek word “rent” = hand and “logy” = knowledge). Currently, is practiced also in Europe, especially by therapists which specialize in more than 150 signs, of which important conclusions can be drawn.

They do not rely exclusively on them, but tries to combine different methods in order to make a complete image of the patient’s health. Your hand can help them realize certain predispositions to disease susceptibility or inherited from birth.

The three main lines of the palm offers (you can easily recognize) important clues about health.

1. Lifeline (in Chinese medicine, “land line”)

Say something about the person’s constitution. If it is long, clearly pronounced and without interruption, the person is strong. Existing branches at its base (in the direction of the wrist) could indicate problems in the genital area. If the line looks like a chain of life composed of many links, it is possible to have a sensitivity of gastro-intestinal tract.

2. Head line (from the Chinese “human line”)

After chirologyst’s opinion, is in close contact with the brain, nervous system and senses. Well pronounced, and it shows – as lifeline – a robust constitution. An “island” located on this line (separates and then joins again) might indicate migraine inherited from birth, and an “island” situated above, near the forefinger, a genetically poor conditioned eye vision.

3. Heart line (in Chinese, “the sky”)

As the name suggests, this line is in close touch with the heart and blood vessels. When is very pronounced, it could indicate a certain predisposition to vascular disease. Predisposition to hypotension can be recognized after two short straight lines and which intersect near the heart line ring. Regardless of how many people confide in traditional allopathic or alternative medicine, in these cases, is also good to refer to a specialist.

The signs below shows the possible changes and how they can be interpreted:

– Symptoms: Bulging nails, looking like a watch glass.

The possible reason: The nails are so from birth are generally harmless. But when their bulging occurs in the meantime, the cause may be the emergence of serious lung and heart problems. Solution: Consult your doctor.

– Symptom: Nail becomes spoon-shaped, curved upward, often brittle.

The possible reason: The angle can be so from birth and is not a danger, but if they appear suddenly, can be the cause of iron deficiency and anemia. Solution: In case of anemia, consult a doctor. Regarding the lack of iron, it may be the result of bad diet, you can compensate with beef organs (spleen, liver), whole grains, parsley juice, oatmeal or cornered oat.

– Symptoms: Nail goes in down loops and sometimes is thickened. Looks like a claw.

The possible reason: If it is not hereditary, claws nails may be clues to blood disorders. If the “claw” appears only in finger nail, can be a predisposition to asthma or absence of calcium. Solutions: blood disorders should be treated by a doctor. For lack of calcium is recommended legumes (beans, peas, lentils), nuts, dairy products, natural calcium derived from crushed egg shells and lots of water.

– Symptoms: One or more dimples appeared along the nail.

The possible reason: The most common is illness that prevented briefly nail growth. If there is a stain, it means that the nail was crushed or struck once in place. Solution: Will be recovered in 130-180 days, during which will regain its dent. Regarding manicure: attention to the root of the nail. Skin should be pushed gently with a soft stick.

– Symptom: Ridges that extend from the root to the tip of the nail. White stripes.

The possible reason: These striations appear, usually in people with dry skin and are harmless. But they can also be signs of psoriasis that are to be installed or signs of arthritis. The white stripes and long may be a sign that it’s a fungus (mycosis).
Solution: Sometimes it is enough to drink more fluids. In case of mycosis, consult a doctor. The sooner the better.

– Symptoms: Dark spots under the nail.

The possible reason: The most common cause is bleeding due to injury. More rarely, the points and black spots indicate the presence of toxins in the body. Solutions: For when it comes to an excess of toxins in the body, drink more liquids. At least once a week, drink fruit juices and vegetables, take herbal cleanser.

– Symptoms: Yellow spots on the nail or below it.

The possible reason: They are traces of nicotine in smokers, but if the nail becomes brittle and thick, can cause a mycosis or liver disorder or gall bladder problem. Solution: Remove nicotine stains caused by smoking with water with vinegar or lemon. If the cause of spots is unclear, consult a doctor.

– Effects: Temporary swelling of the fingers, hands and wrists.

The possible reason: For women, if the inflammatory process occurs between day 24 th and 28 th cycle might be about retaining liquids. In general, if swelling is permanently installed, can cause problems in the circulation of lymph and you should consult a doctor. Solutions: Water deposits can be solved with … Water: Drink at least 2 liters of water per day, or herbal tea (nettle, pockets of beans), this will drastically reduce the salt. Take potassium (bananas) and tincture of juniper.

– Symptoms: Cold fingers and hands, even when it’s hot outside.

The possible reason: Disorders of blood flow or hypotension. If fingers are ice cold and pale suddenly, it could be so-called Raynaud’s syndrome, but this diagnosis should be found by a doctor. Solution: In case of movement disorders, quit smoking and coffee and make daily exercises. Patients with Raynaud’s syndrome sufferers often of anxiety and stress. So relaxation techniques are recommended.