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Reasons to Eat Bananas More Often

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Reasons to eat bananas

Bananas are not just some delicious fruits full of vitamins and minerals, they can serve as efficient cures for various diseases. Bananas are found in abundance in almost any season, so don’t avoid them and make them part of your diet. If you still hesitate, here are some reasons to eat bananas more often.

Good reasons to eat bananas more often:

A medium banana contains 600 mg of potassium, 2 grams protein, 4 grams of fiber and 36 grams of carbohydrates, with a total of 140 calories. It is a perfect and healthy snack, but you have to watch out and to eat them before meal, 1-2 hours before and not as a dessert.

Bananas contain vitamins A, B, B6, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Rather than turn to supplements, better eat 2-3 bananas daily: at breakfast and two snacks during the day.

Reasons to eat bananas

Bananas contain potassium, are perfect for those with heart problems and reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. A medium banana is a perfect snack for both children but also for the elderly.

If you drank too much alcohol and had unhealthy eating, you can treat with a feast given by: a mix of 1/2 cup of skimmed milk, a banana and a teaspoon of honey. Banana acts as a calming ingredient, honey restores blood sugar and the milk is moisturizing.

Bananas ease stomach pain, can be eaten by those suffering from ulcers, it lower acidity and reduces irritation to the lining of the stomach, helping digestion and regulating the daily intestinal transit.

Bananas help the body absorb calcium and then your bones will be protected, the risk of developing osteoporosis is reduced. In addition, because they are rich in iron, bananas fight anemia and lack of energy.

Problems with stress and weight gain? Nothing simpler – eat bananas: They are rich in vitamin B, which help calm the nervous system, but also control blood sugar levels.