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Red Cabbage – A Miracle For Our Health

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We are surrounded by vegetables and sometimes forget how healthy they are. For example, red cabbage. It is a vegetable that helps us in terms of digestion, leads to proliferation of antibodies and thus can speed up ulcer healing, can reduce the risk of cataracts, cancer of the colon and stomach, lung and heart problems.

The plant is rich in sugars, minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron), contains vitamins C (two times more than white cabbage), B1, B2, carotene (two times more than white cabbage), phytoncides (possessing antibacterial capacity), the pigment anthocyanin, which gives the red color. There are data confirming that anthocyanins have positive qualities and influences on vision.

Red cabbage juice, great for our body:

The taste of red cabbage juice can be combined – for those who can’t support it – adding carrot juice over it, and because they may contain tough cellulose fibers, the juice will be strained.

Contains resveratrol – the most powerful natural anti-cancer factor known, booster effect for all other minerals and vitamins, destroyer of the vessels feeding the tumor, blocking metastasis of malignant cells.

Red Cabbage

It is a major source of vitamin C. Since this vitamin it oxidizes quickly in air, red cabbage juice should be consumed immediately after being prepared. Red cabbage is the richest known source of lutein and zeaxanthin, two fundamental antioxidants and extremely potent.

Red cabbage has been shown to have even greater nutritional value than green cabbage. It has more antioxidants and vitamin C for at least five times. Components found in red cabbage seems to have a positive effect on reducing breast cancer risk due to the effect they have on estrogen.

If cabbage gives a significant contribution of vitamins to the interior, it can help you for exterior purposes too. Can heal and helps to disinfect wounds. It can be useful if you have inflammation, burns, insect bites, infections (boils), sprains, muscle pain, headaches, etc.. Place grated cabbage through the wound.

About a quarter of a pound of cabbage gives you the necessary of vitamins E and A for a day. Because besides magnesium, calcium and iron, cabbage contains sulfur, so it can cause bloating (flatulence), especially when combined with meat. Some experts recommend adding some cumin when cooking cabbage. However, consumption of raw cabbage is more healthy.

Effect of antioxidant and nutritional value of the vegetables can not be overlooked. It is advisable to eat two servings of cabbage (white or red) at least weekly. However, there’s no need to go the other extreme and eat cabbage every day, because you may prevent the body to absorb iodine excess. Cabbage is a good source of folic acid and necessary especially for pregnant women who want to deliver a healthy baby without complications.