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Reflexology – Body Zones

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The most important reflexology zones are the ones of the foot and hand. You should know that there are several therapeutic areas that “work” with reflex zones. Body’s reflexology is based on the idea of the existence of reflex areas in various parts of the body (even the tongue, for example).

Iridology is based on the idea that the iris (the colored part of the eye) reflect the entire body through the central nervous system. Iridology is the scientific analysis that can find genetic diseases and assess your general health condition.

The hand, foot and ear are the basic points in this treatment.

Reflex areas of the intestines

Believers of holistic therapies proposes that also the intestines have reflex zones. A pain in one part of the body may be linked to bowel problems.

Reflexology helps the body to heal by balancing glands, relaxing muscles, stimulating the production of hormones, and this removes pain and detoxifies the body.

Reflexo Therapy

It can be applied to anyone of any age, but with caution in pregnant women, for babies, or those with serious illnesses. An interesting fact related to reflexology is called “the law of healing”, issued by Hering, who says “healing is always from top to bottom, from inside to outside and in the reverse order of symptoms.” This means that the most recent symptoms will disappear first.

Also, experts recommend combining this therapy with other natural ones, leading to improved effects.

Therefore, if you start a reflexology program, do not hesitate to combine it with:

– A healthy diet plus suitable supplements
– Counselling (if reflexology aims to resolve emotional problems)
– An exercise program
– Chiropractic therapy
– Acupuncture
– Aromatherapy
– Phytotherapy

How do you choose the therapist:

This is not a 100% natural practice and cannot be done by anyone, a random massage of the feet does not equal with reflexology:

You must search for a specialist who can successfully apply the method for treating you. Choose one who has been recommended by someone who already tried the procedure, and if, at the first meeting, you feel the slightest discomfort, tell him about it.

If pain persists, follow a treatment immediately and seek another therapist. The pressure that will be applied on your body should be easy, even if it is complemented by various instruments or specific objects.

You can help yourself:

After a few sessions of reflexology, it is time to learn the first steps in the method on yourself or others. Find a map of the foot and hand reflex zones, learn the important points and then get to work.

Arrange the space. Test your knowledge accumulated from reflexology books that you read and the specialized meetings that you had – on a friend or family member. For the result to be right, you must ensure that:

– The patient is lying with a pillow under the back of the knees (foot therapy). For massaging hands, the subject can stand comfortably in a chair.
– Take a relaxed position so you can get weightless on the subject hands or feet
– Start the session with a slight raising of the foot or hand, trying to identify the points on the reflex points map
– Make sure your hands are warm
– Do not press the points that seem painful for the patient, not everyone have the same resistance to pain.

The applied method:

– Headache: Handhold the membrane between the thumb and forefinger and squeeze it vigorously for 45 seconds.
– Insomnia: At first is handled the reflex points of the pineal gland, which are the fingertips of the thumb of the hand and foot. The next reflex points are the fingertips of the fingers and toes, responsible for the brain.
– Nausea and car sickness: Push the point located on the inside of the wrist between the two large tendons, about three fingers above the wrist.