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Rosemary Stimulates Memory and Learning

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Rosemary Herb Healing Properties

Due to its properties, Rosemary was always considered an elixir of youth, that can strengthen anemic people and recover debilitated patients. This plant combat the aging process so that people who regularly consume it are full of energy and optimism.

Rosemary can be grown in the garden, and in pots indoors, is often confused with an ornamental plant because of its blue flowers, white or pink.

It seems that the origin of rosemary starts on the Mediterranean coast, hence the scientific name of two Latin words, ros and marinus, meaning dew of the sea.

Recent studies have found that rosemary is a tonic for the brain and heart, rosemary tea getting to be recommended by experts for its effects to stimulate memory, thought processes and help control emotions.

Rosemary Herb Healing Properties

People who usually deposited daily intellectual efforts, journalists, teachers, students, businessmen, are recommended two to three cups per day of infusion of rosemary. The infusion is prepared from a teaspoon of dried and chopped herb, which is poured over a cup of boiling water. Cover the bowl and leave to infuse for ten minutes then strain and drink warm, sweetened with honey.

Rosemary infusion is also recommended, one or two cups a day, after meals, in the treatment of the ill stomach and intestines, the liver and respiratory diseases, fatigue, exhaustion, convalescence, poor memory.

The tincture is made from soaking six teaspoons of dried herb in 300 ml of potable alcohol, brandy or vodka prepared at home. After ten days, the mixture is filtered and the resulting liquid is kept cool, in dark bottles. Take daily three to four teaspoons of tincture diluted in some water for the same effect as infusion. Tincture can be used for two years after preparation.

Rosemary tincture treatment

For external treatment is made a more concentrated infusion of rosemary, 50 grams of herb per liter of boiling water. Externally, rosemary is effective in hair regeneration and strengthening. Furthermore, infusion of rosemary combat alopecia, seborrhea and through its antiseptic and antimicrobial actions help cure dermatitis, open wounds, festering sores, scabies and insect bite.

Chopped fresh rosemary is used mainly in French and Italian cuisine to spice up many dishes, which give them a tasty, aromatic, slightly bitter and camphorated smell. Note, however, that rosemary is a strongly flavored herb and should not be used in large amounts.