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Royal Jelly – Qualities And Benefits

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Royal jelly, produced by nurse bees to feed juveniles (causing differential growth and development of individuals who make up the colony). The content of protein, fat, sugar, vitamins and minerals, in a ratio required by our body, can be a royal food supplement for humans.

During the three days when the worker bees eat royal jelly, they have the strongest growth, increasing in weight about 250 times. Queen, using only the royal food, mature faster by five days than working bees and has about twice the weight of a bee when mature. Life of a honeybee is approximately 35-40 days, while the queen, using only royal jelly as food, has been in existence for 5-6 years and is extremely prolific (can lay about 3,000 eggs per day). Thus, the biological effects of royal jelly can be considered spectacular.

Therapeutic Qualities Of Royal Jelly:

Due to the remarkable amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, minerals, vital phaeton specified substances with biocatalysts in cell regeneration processes, royal jelly can be used in a wide range of diseases, whether therefore, be added to other drug products, and gives some broad effects on the body:

– Administered in feed improves the general condition of immature children, sick or convalescence;
– The elderly can get rid of physical and mental fatigue, reduce neuro-circulatory disorders and those of memory, improves vision, stimulates appetite and general mood;

– Recognized effect in increasing male potency;
– Dynamic for those with nervous depression;
– Occurs in the normalization of mood and neurovegetative system;
– Increases the efficiency of physical and intellectual labor;
– Protects the body and its regulatory metabolism;
– Positive effect in the treatment of pathological disorders, atherosclerosis and fatty liver;
– Reduce blood cholesterol levels;
– Involved in cell regeneration
– Improves cardiac function and coronary vessels, reduces angina attacks,
– Significantly influence sexual desire;
– Can reduce asthma;
– Has anti-virus qualities.


Royal Jelly


Treatment with royal jelly is not indicated for all diseases. It is contraindicated in Adison’s disease, acute infectious diseases, diseases of the adrenal glands, royal jelly intolerance, etc.

Royal jelly Intolerance and secondary phenomena can occur in the form of allergic reactions; skin eruption, local inflammation, redness, itching, abdominal pain, upset stomach, vomiting. diarrhea.

Royal jelly should not be given in a large amount because of frequent arousal reactions that lead to insomnia.