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Rules For Keeping Our Teeth Healthy

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A very effective and easy to remember method is to use a circular or elliptical motion to brush the teeth each time, gradually covering the entire mouth.

Brush your teeth at an angle of 45 degrees from the teeth and use a circular motion. Brush your teeth first outside, then inside, tongue and chewing surfaces. Do not forget to brush the teeth portions. Using such a movement back and forth can cause gum removal and tooth root exposure. Also, brushing the gum line too excessive will make it too sensitive.

Soft or hard bristles?

In general, a toothbrush head should be relatively small, for easy access. It should also have a firm and stable grip for optimum handling. Suitable brushes are soft nylon ones with rounded ends.

Only press the brush on your teeth as needed to clean the spaces between the teeth and the surface. Medium and hard bristles are not recommended.

How long should I brush?

A good idea would be to leave the radio on when you brush your teeth, since dentists recommend brushing for minimum of 3-4 minutes, just how long a song is in general.

Healthy Teeth

You can also use a stopwatch to measure accurately. Many people think that brushing your teeth take a while, in reality, they spend less than one minute brushing. To ensure that the brushing is useful and that any spots are removed, it is better to wash full 3-4 minutes twice a day, rather than fleeting the brush for a few times during the day.

Should I brush at work?

Certainly, but most people do not think like that. Dentists recommend keeping a toothbrush at work, this way increases the chances by 65% to brush the teeth during the day, which can only be beneficial.

Food debris that remains between the teeth make sugar filled foods to turn into damaging acids and cause cavities. Use fluoride toothpaste in the morning and evening, before bed, at work you can just brush your teeth and rinse your mouth, without toothpaste. Even if you do not have a toothbrush close, rinsing with water for 30 seconds, performed after lunch is very helpful for your mouth.

The following tips can help you take better care of your teeth when you are at work:

– Stick a note to your computer to remember to brush your teeth after lunch.
– Brush your teeth immediately after eating, before being absorbed in work.
– Keep your toothbrush and toothpaste in a convenient place, easy to find.
– Brushing your teeth as a daily routine at work is very refreshing.