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Sleep – A Gift For Our Health

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Recent statistics shows that in most civilized countries, almost half the population in its lifetime face major problems with sleep. What we did to gain such problems with insomnia lately? The first answer that specialists gave us is easy to guess: stress.

The problem is that modern man often get into a vicious circle: lack of rest makes it very easy to accumulate tension, mental tension and prevent sleep, relaxation and regeneration, which will make it more susceptible to further stress.

Among other provocative causes of insomnia, is the climate change in recent years, which strongly disrupt nerve activity, food additives, watching television (a constant source of anxiety), physical inactivity, which saves huge amounts of energy, which then un-consumed, preventing us from sleeping.

When lack of sleep is just a few nights a month, there is not a big problem, but when disturbances occur every day, we can say without exaggeration that we live in a real disaster. An average of four hours of sleep per night leads to rapid weakening of the body, increased risk of diabetes, increased blood pressure, physical and mental instability. Lack of sleep causes represent 60% of road accidents in some countries and it is punished as harshly as driving under the alcohol influence. Here are some very well-grounded reasons for us to give more importance to sleep.


Tell me how you sleep, to tell you how fresh you are.

Experts can not agree on the amount of sleep needed for a man, so his physical and mental regeneration to be optimal. German researchers believe that they needed eight hours a day, the French say that six hours are sufficient, while the U.S. circulated figure is around seven hours.

On the other hand, everyone has its own biological rhythms and as such, the optimal period of sleep may differ greatly from one individual to another. There are known cases where people sleep 3-4 hours a night, but very deep, as they are in good shape, but also people who, after ten hours of sleep every night, they feel that would require a substantial sleeping time.

Fortunately, there are many factors that influence us to fall asleep, so then it becomes very pleasant and relaxing.