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Sleep Well to Look Good!

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Sleep well look good

It is known that sleep is an ally of beauty. A fresh face brings a bright look. A good sleep can also help if you try to lose weight. But if you have problems having a good sleep time.. here are some rules for a healthy sleep.

An important aspect is mainly about food. Try to get rid of heavy meals in the evening. It is well known that heavy meals induce difficult digestion, and will disturb your sleep . The fact is that the evening meal should be as easy as can be. Also, a ritual of sleep is essential.

Go to bed when you feel sleepy. Drowsiness, yawning, heavy eyes feeling are indications that it is time to go to bed. Ideally would be to have a fixed time when you go to sleep every night, plus minus 30 minutes. A third of our life is spent in bed, sleeping, is therefore very important that the bedroom temperature to be around 18 degrees C for a peaceful sleep, and, avoid too soft or too hard mattresses.

Sleep well look good

Sleep position: experts recommend for people who have feet problems to position their feet in a higher position, and for those who suffer from arterial diseases, or for overweight people, sleep position with the face up.

When you lie in your bed, it is absolutely necessary to relax and just think about pleasant things. Also, just reading a few pages of your favorite books or magazines before turning off the lights have proven very effective. If you have problems with accumulated stress, you can play a soft classical music to induce sleep.

What happens if you are really having trouble sleeping? If none of the methods above works for you, you can opt for sleeping pills, which prove to be useful. But pay attention, as those should be rarely taken and only on medical advice. Otherwise, sleeping pills can induce dependence and can cause memory loss. A natural sleeping pill is always allowed – like linden, chamomile or valerian teas, or lettuce salad. Also, a glass of skim milk or a fruit can greatly help.