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Snacks Can Speed Up The Aging Process

Snacks Can Speed Up The Aging Process

Getting older is a topic that we do not approach easily. Sometimes we would like to look in the mirror and see how all the imperfections disappear miraculously. Not only the year’s past but also the vitality of our body, so it is essential to have better care of ourselves. Everything starts with food, for the most part! Snacks can speed up the aging process and the effects they produce are irreversible. It is not our opinion, nor of some unauthorized persons. It is the opinion of a famous nutritionist who works with celebrities like Jessica Alba.

Many people occasionally consume a latte, a protein shake, a commercial juice, brisket, or various snacks that have at least 100 calories. But very few of them check the ingredients on the packaging. Even fewer people are informed about how healthy are the foods and drinks they consume.

Why snacks speed up the aging process?

The desire to eat a snack is natural and understandable. But snacks speed up the aging process, says Kelly LeVeque, a celebrity nutritionist. Besides, some snacks are not sufficiently satisfying. For this reason, it is possible that very soon after eating a snack, you will again feel the need to consume other foods.

Besides, snacks that contain many macronutrients affect the hormones responsible for the hunger sensation. It also affects the level of sugar in the body, which means they will accelerate cell aging.

Some snacks can affect the digestion process. If the feeling of hunger is strong, it is recommended to consume a high mass of protein, healthy fats, or fiber. It is advisable to consume any healthy food, which gives you the feeling of satiety and keeps the body in the best shape.

If you learn to give your body the essential nutrients, you will also learn to control the feeling of hunger. It’s like doing a body reset, so you won’t feel the need to eat snacks that are not healthy for you.

Frequent food consumption is not recommended if you want a slim body.

Some people think it is healthy and even recommended to consume as many snacks in a day. However, frequent food intake is unhealthy and is undoubtedly an obstacle to getting great shape.

According to recent studies, eating at a distance of three or at most four hours accelerates cell aging. This fact contributes to the exhaustion of the body and slows down the fat-burning process.

The explanation is quite simple. The digestion process takes time; the body consumes a lot of energy to process food and to store the nutrients needed for proper functioning. Usually, the digestion process can take up to six hours.

If you eat different snacks during this time, you do nothing but make the digestion process more difficult. Your body will make more effort to process food, and you will feel more tired. The least enjoyable part is that this habit also affects your weight. Since the body will not be able to process everything it offers, it will create fat deposits.

Your body needs a break.

According to a 2014 study, it is advisable to eat two meals a day rather than four or five meals. If you choose to eat twice a day, but consistently, the body will have enough time for the digestion process. This habit will also have health benefits, as it will not affect the level of insulin in the body or some cellular functions.

The results of the study revealed many benefits in terms of maintaining an optimum weight. In other words, low and consistent meals prevent fat storage and reduce the amount of liver fat, plasma glucose, C-peptide, or glucagon.

By giving up snacks, not only will you feel better, but you will have more energy, and you will not have to worry about your figure.