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Spinach Cleanse The Body and Gives Vitality

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Spinach is one of the most valuable comestible plants with curative properties, especially if eaten raw. The curative properties of spinach are yet known since ancient times, being called “the intestinal washer” as it is the best natural way to cleanse and regenerate the digestive system.

We also know that spinach, if is cooked or prepared by traditional means is damaging the body. If during preparation its color is changing from green to fresh yellow green, then it becomes harmful and should not be consumed. Spinach needs to be boiled just a little, or consumed raw, preferably in salads or in combination with other raw vegetables.

In the chemical composition of spinach are found metals such as sodium, magnesium, iron, sulfur and elements such as phosphorus, vitamins from Class A, B, C, E, K, PP, and important amino-acids like arginine and lysine, very important for to the body. With this composition, spinach is extremely beneficial for the digestive, skeletal, circulatory, endocrine and renal systems. It is well recognized by the natural medicine, and also the modern.

The main health benefits of spinach:

– It is a tonic for the immune system
– Nutrition and tonic
– Fights scurvy (due to lack of vitamin C)
– Remineralizing effect
– Cleanser of the digestive tract
– Tones myocardium and stimulates the heart
– Increase the amount of urine
– It stimulates the gastric secretion, pancreatic and biliary
– Promotes general growth
– Causes the elimination of intestine worms
– Prevents gum infection.


Because all these properties it is recommended not only for cleansing the body of fortification, but also in convalescence, anemia, physical and nervous fatigue, senescence, heart diseases, hypertension, high blood viscosity, kidney problems, bladder atony, cystitis, diabetes , gout, rickets, obesity, prostatitis.

Externally use is recommended in acne, abscess, psoriasis, burns, ringworm, and other wounds.


Health of the digestive system:

We only knew about spinach that is a “cleaner” of the digestive tract and biliary and pancreatic secretion stimulant. New research has shown that the effects of the elements contained in green leaf spinach are more complex. By spinach consumption is increased the secretion of mucus, a substance that protects the stomach from injurious substances of secreted chlorhydric acid. This complex effect, by consumption of spinach, even when boiled, lower the risk of stomach ulcers. Also, spinach contains saponin, which is an effective fighter of ulcer. Eating spinach will promptly produce bile traffic so the digestion takes place faster, eliminating nausea and some digestive disorders that can lead to diarrhea.

Keeps biological youth:

Each of us has, besides chronological age of that number of years lived, a psychological age, which express the degree of wear of the body. American anthropologists have found so that in populations that consume daily salads with green vegetables, including spinach, the biological age is much younger than the real age in years. A more detailed study of the biochemist has shown that spinach is one of the plants capable of preserving youth and organ systems, decreasing the rate of aging.

Slows the aging of our brain:

The nervous system is most exposed to the aging process, especially because when you get older the neurons, after birth, can not be replaced by other young ones, as happens in other organ tissues. Substances present in leaves of spinach, and especially compounds such as amino acids like arginine and lysine acts on nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord.

The brain is retained more reactive and able to control processes in the body and keep the youth of all systems and organs. Moreover, it proved that these amino acids of spinach leaves allows neurons to have a longer life. This allows the brain to keep its youth even after many years.

Preparation and administration of spinach:

To treat anemia, rickets, senescence, fatigue, you can consume fresh spinach leaves in salads. Fresh leaves can be given in the diet of children, older people and all those in need of strengthening the body.

For treating depression is recommended spinach juice, one cup every morning.

Half a liter of juice a day can cure rebel constipation in the shortest time.

Spinach juice help the recovery of sick bodies, assist in duodenal ulcer, pernicious anemia, weakness, seizures, impaired adrenal or thyroid glands, hypo and hypertension, bleeding gums, swollen limbs, headaches, migraines, furunculosis, dental abscesses.

To increase diuresis in kidney or bladder is recommended infusion with a teaspoon of crushed spinach leaves to pour over a cup of boiling water. Leave covered for 15 minutes and then strain. Drink two cups per day.

Externally, the leaves are heated or cook in olive oil or soybean oil, and applied as poultices over the affected areas.