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Stay Away From Insect Bites – Dangers of Insects Bites

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Insects bites treatment and prevention

During warm seasons, nature is starting to regain its vigor, vegetables and fruits are at hand, and insects go to hunt. Because you cannot isolate yourself in a protective cocoon, you must follow the natural course of personal care as nature takes its own course, allowing various insects – more or less strange to interfere your life.

Observe and detect the insects around you, and quickly take action to prevent or treat insect bites.


Bite: A swelling soft pink color which turns strongly red, becoming increasingly swollen. It is most likely the effect of a mosquito bite, although harmless, can carry serious diseases such as West Nile virus.

Mosquito bite treatment: At first, wash the bitten area with soap and water to reduce the response, then use ice to reduce swelling, relax the affected area with a calming lotion or an oral antihistamine (drugs that prevent the release of histamine in the body, released from an allergic reaction).

Insects bites treatment and prevention

Ho to avoid mosquito bites: If you live at country, constantly checks could be made in places where stagnant water exists – such as the swimming pool, lake (the favorite of mosquitoes), the same attitude is necessary if you go in parks or at fishing. And remember to always take with you a mosquito repellent.


Bite: At first, an acute pain, followed by a red sore spot. If you are not allergic, or you are not stung several times in a relatively short time, bee sting does not give you big headaches.

Bee bite treatment: Remove the needle as quickly as possible with tweezers and clean the area and apply a cold compress. If you, nevertheless, have anaphylaxis symptoms (fainting, difficulty breathing, wheezing) you should immediately call for medical assistance.

How to avoid bee bites: It is well known that wherever something sweet is around, bees are near, including even the glass of juice at a picnic held in a beautiful spring afternoon. Try to throw any remnant of sweet and do not dress up in colorful dresses when events occur in nature, bees love bold and bright colors.


Bite: Slightly more complex, tick bites can leave behind pain, redness and itching. If you are bitten by a tick carrying the Lyme disease, symptoms of red eyes or rash can be hold on long-term.

Ticks bite treatment: Every time when you are outdoors, check your body for any ticks and unwanted presence and eliminate it immediately with tweezers – pulling them from the skin leaving no part of the tick inside. If you find skin eruptions, visit a doctor urgently.

How to avoid ticks bites: In areas with woods or tall grass always wear long-sleeved shirts, socks, long pants and avoid carrying fallen leaves under your clothes. Furthermore, it is best to avoid laying directly on the grass.

Bugs (bed bugs)

Bite: Small red bites, sometimes grouped, often found on the neck, arms and hands. Without doing really physical harm, bug bites will create a big  discomfort from itching.

Bug bite treatment: Use hydrocortisone cream or oral antihistamines to relieve itching.

How to avoid bug bites: When traveling, especially once you get to accommodate in the new place (especially in hotels) check carefully whether there are bugs on the bed, and if so, undoubtedly go to another hotel.