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Tangerines – Good For Our Immune System

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Although tangerines are eclipsed by the same citrus family as oranges and grapefruits, though you should pay more attention according to specialists who proved to have numerous benefits for the body.

Tangerine is an excellent winter fruit. Rich in vitamin C and beta carotene, tangerine can prevent infections, various cancers, premature aging and heart diseases.

Tangerines contain a large amount of beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, responsible for the orange color of the fruit. Also it contains many other vitamins, like vitamin C, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin K, etc.., And minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.. tangerines also contain fibers and proteins, making it extremely useful in digestion.

The dose of vitamin C it contains can shorten colds. Unlike oranges, tangerines contain fewer minerals and in return is a good sedative for the nervous system, because of its bromine composition. Nutritionists prescribe tangerine consumption in the prevention of physical and intellectual asthenia, anorexia, the treatment of infectious diseases, against capillary fragility, in convalescence, anemia, dermatitis and eczema. It’s a good tonic for the immune system.

Some health benefits of tangerines:

– Fights anemia by iron and vitamin C content.

– It is particularly useful in diets, its fibers providing a feeling of fullness with fewer calories and, also mobilizes deposited fat and enhance body combustion, slightly increasing the metabolism.

– They treat constipation because of the high fiber content. In combination with yogurt and honey can combat chronic constipation.

– The content of vitamin A improves vision functions, as happens with carrot consumption.

– Beta-carotene protects against sunburn, so for a day at beach you can consume natural tangerine juice.

– Tangerines are indicated in the growth of children, strengthening their immune system and increasing appetite.

– Tangerines can increase the body’s resistance against infections and improve our immune system.

– Have antioxidant and detoxifying effects.

– Have anticancer properties (especially the peel).

– Improves digestive function.

Tangerines should be part of our daily regime at least through the winter. Eating just one fruit per day you can enjoy the many health benefits listed above.