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The Amazing Power of Your Mind (Self-Healing)

mind and universe

Have you ever been helpless as you watched a loved one succumb to severe illness? Have you ever wanted greater power over healing yourself or those you love?

Every day millions of people around the world are given the death sentence by doctors, be it Cancer, HIV, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Every day millions die because we are all helpless in aiding the body to heal. But is it fair to place all the responsibility on the medical profession, leaving them to figure out and solve all our health problems? No. After all, these are our bodies, and who exerts the greatest influence when it comes to being healthy? We do.

It’s time we take healing back into our own hands, not just for ourselves but for those we love. We all have a power that dwells within, a hidden ability to heal and help heal, to prevent and to cure. It is this ability that will forever lie dormant until we realize we have to take our power back. We’ve nearly all given our power away to the so called experts, to the scientists, the healers and the professors. It’s now time to take back what we so carelessly gave away. It’s time to reclaim our healing abilities and take them to a whole new level.

You could be the healer, the expert, the go-to person in the event that you or anyone else close to you becomes ill. It became natural that we sit idly and watch loved ones deteriorate and die. But why have we accepted this as fact as the only way forward? We are so much better than this, so much smarter, but we have given up because others who are no smarter than us, say we don’t know how to cure illness.

Since when does other people know or don’t know what is, or isn’t possible in our universe? It’s time to live into our full power and become self healers and even miracle workers for those we love. But to reach this level we must get past the healing myths standing in our way.

Myth 1: If the medics can’t do it, it must be impossible.

self healing

In truth the medical profession has grown in leaps and bounds, but it is still in its infancy. Many in this profession are stuck in an old-world paradigm that fails to address the root cause of illness, instead many of these medical professionals have confused symptoms in the body for the cause. They have neglected to factor the mind and its influence over the body, as the cause and cure of illness.

Many medical professionals look at the body with unenlightened eyes, looking at symptoms only. They have so much more to learn about healing and the actual cause of illness, to aid in both prevention and cure. In reality we are more than just a physical body, we also have a wonderful and mysterious mind. Is with our mind that we control our body, it is thought reactive how it moves when it eats, when it sleeps and so on, but where is the mind? Is it separate from the body? Does it live outside the body? No. Mind and body are actually one. So much so that the body is a reflection of the mind.

We know that a stressed mind equals a stressed and unhealthy body, and so we must remember that a healthy mind equals a healthy body. Illness in the body is no different, illness in the body comes from ill thoughts in the mind, from thoughts that can kill. To heal the body we must first heal the mind. This is where the solution exists.

Myth 2. Nutrition is the best and only way to health and prevent illness.

mind healing

Yes, good nutrition is vital, but there is one thing more important that what you put into your mouth. It is what you put into your mind, the thoughts and subconscious beliefs we’ve been programmed with since conception are the ultimate drivers of health and well-being. It’s our thoughts that create healthy cells, our thought that tell our bodies what can and cannot be healed. It is who we believe ourselves to be, that dictates what we eat and drink and how much we eat and drink. And most importantly, it is our thoughts and beliefs that dictate how much nutrition is actually accepted or rejected by our bodies. Thought creates!

Myth 3. Everyone else knows more about my body than I do, I’m not an expert.

That is exactly as crazy as it sounds. You are in your body, feeling everything that goes on for you. It’s time to trust in yourself, in your instincts and your body intuition. For the body is always talking and now it’s time to listen. It’s the whispers from your body above hunger and above thirst that make you an expert on your own body.

Myth 4. I can’t heal myself and I certainly can’t help heal those I love.

healing loved ones

Wrong again. Your body is a purpose-built healing machine. It is programmed to move out toxins such as cancers, tumors and other illnesses, but instead of labeling these illnesses as the body’s natural healing mechanism and then giving the body what it needs to recover, we give up on ourselves. Foolishly denying the body power of healing, by giving up on it and trusting everyone else but ourselves and condemning our body or the illness to being the villain.

No more, no longer does this ignorance need to prevail. Your body is simply trying to communicate with you, to allow you to heal and live in a more fulfilled life. It is your body, you are the expert.

It’s time to trust yourself, trust your body, listen to what it has to tell you. It’s time to give your body what it needs to heal. All symptoms in the body are messages. You either listen and thrive, or ignore them and suffer the consequences.

It’s time to be empowered. You no longer have to watch helplessly as your child suffers through an illness. You no longer have to witness a loved one being golfed by a terminal illness, sitting idle as they die. No longer do you have to be without answers, to be without knowing exactly how to heal.

Don’t sit idle any longer, don’t allow yourself to be helpless anymore. Healing is a power, a wisdom innate in all of us. It is a natural ability to not only cure, but most importantly to prevent illness.

Let the science and the inner wisdom of the body become one and become an expert in your own health and in helping those you love. Become one with the profound intelligence innate in your body. Harness this universal intelligence and the impossible will become possible.