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The Beneficial Effects of Salt Therapy

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Have you ever thought that rock salt is a real source of health? It may seem strange, but it’s a truth the traditional medicine knows from a long time – salt is an essential element of life. Learn how you can keep healthy in a simple way.

A handy ingredient: Salt is beneficial to health, helping to relieve or treat diseases.

You feel tired and without energy? Is your throat numb or you have a hoarse voice? You don’t need to run to the pharmacy and get stuffed with drugs. You can treat yourself at home, using salt..

In the tub filled with warm water (about 150 liters) drop two kilograms of salt (already mixed with hot water to quickly dissolve it). The bath should last for 20-30 minutes. It’s important that the water temperature is always maintained above 37 ° C, this way the therapeutic action is maximized.

Salt bath

Tip: researchers found that baths have stronger effects on the eve of the full moon (2-3 days before). Below are the particular setups of these salt baths for each specific disease:

For rheumatism

Two complete baths per week (whole body) in hot salted water. The most effective baths are dose made ​​with sea salt, but you can get great effects with rock salt too.

For cystitis or urinary infections

Are to be made complete, or sitz only baths, with salted water: 5 tablespoons of salt per liter. Bath every evening to cure the disease. Water should be as hot as possible, but still bearable (over 38 degrees). Immediately after, wipe well and relax in a warm place.

Cold and flu

Take foot baths (feet and ankles) with hot water containing plenty of salt (10 tablespoons per liter). Baths will last for 10 minutes. After, put on some thick socks and then relax in a warm place to start sweating.

For infectious dermatoses

Take partial baths, only for the affected zones, for 15 minutes. In warm water, drop seven tablespoons of salt per liter. Do not wipe the skin immediately after bathing, instead, wait a little and let it dry naturally. This remedy is excellent in treating bacterially and fungal infections.

A great help against cold:

Persistent cough

Take a few grains of rock salt on your tongue and hold it for 5 minutes. The anti coughing remedy will start by two mechanisms: salivation, which will become more abundant, and stimulation of the central nervous system through gland buds.

Stuffy nose

Put a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and mix well until dissolved. Take a few drops in the palm and shoot some salted water on both nostrils, alternatively, to unclog nasal passages. Repeated every morning to treat respiratory issues. This removes excess mucus and olfactory sense (smell) are improving.

Neck pain

Put two teaspoons of salt in a glass of hot water and mix well with a spoon. Use hot salt water gargle, about 2-3 times a day. Repeat until you start feeling better.

Against fatigue

In the autumn we feel tired, and this is sometimes unjustified. An old practice that has been proven effective is to put a warm bag of salt on the neck.

Did you know…?

– Blood contains about 1 % of salt.
– A diet high in salt will combat fatigue.
– For a good health, a minimum of 500mg of salt should be consumed daily.
– Moderate consumption of salt lowers the risk of heart attack.
– Sea salt contains over 80 minerals.
– Traditional medicine has over 100 therapeutic remedies with salt.