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The New iPhone 6 and The New Features of The Health App

apple health app

Apple has announced new features for health and fitness, along with the accompanying application, but Healthbook has not made an appearance under this name. Apple chose to name the new application  Health, and indeed, it differs from beta or alpha versions. According to Apple, Health Dashboard is a “readable” data about health and fitness, you can collect all this information from a variety of sources. The Health application can be “the beginning of a revolution in health”.

The app records related health application based on a few parameters that gauge different devices (using your own iPhone or accessories from third parties), providing data like calories burned, blood cholesterol levels or heart rate. The new app includes an “emergency card” that provides quick access to important health information about iPhone owner user, including blood type, whether and to what is allergic, they can be directly displayed on the lock screen device and accessed in case of an accident or if the user remains unconscious, then paramedics or other first aid person will know if the person can or can’t manage certain medications.

Health is a fairly complex application, organizing information into categories such as diagnostics, fitness data, lab results, medications, nutrition, sleep and vital functions, everything is included in a tab called Health Data. These categories allows the user to read information about his health and for easier access to all the data, the software will provide a dashboard with special cards for each of the abovementioned categories to offer statistics and data organized in different intervals.

Because we are talking about an application that will record only information using either the iPhone or connected wearable health accessories, Health comes with HealthKit tool for application developers that can deploy apps both in new or existing health and fitness tabs allowing developers to access information on the health or fitness application stored on Health. Users will, as usual, have total control over what is shared, and can possibly share information related to health through a third-party with a doctor. They will be able to send their health information to one another, so that an application with information about nutrition could provide details of calories burned to a fitness applications.

Applications can send essential information on health to doctors. Apple provides developing of applications (eg who create applications for hospitals or clinics) able to retrieve information stored in Health and sending them doctors for them to discover the health of patients remotely. Mayo Clinic Director, Dr. John H Noseworthy said that “the new service will revolutionize the way people interact with health industry”. Apple will work with various health institutions to integrate new technologies into their applications and changing how patients can contact doctors.