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The Power of Healing Powders

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Chicory herbal powder

Food poisoning and sinusitis, and many other health problems can benefit from natural therapies based on baking soda, clay or herbal powders.

Plant-based powders eliminate toxins:

Therapeutic powders are obtained by passing dried plants with a power grinder or a blender, then must be kept in a tightly closed container.


Chicory contains bitter substances, inulin and tannin, which gives choleretic (stimulates bile secretion) and cholagogue powers (promotes discharge of bile into the duodenum).

The plant is particularly appropriate for liver detoxification. To this end, the root and leaves of chicory are chopped, and eaten half a teaspoon, three days a week, in a course of six weeks.

Chicory herbal powder

To detoxify the bowel, mix equal parts of green tea leaves and chamomile flowers. Take a teaspoon, twice a week in a course of six weeks.


Clay can be a remedy for many conditions, it has real antibiotics virtues, antitoxic and anti-inflammatory effects, and because its multiple healing properties, is being used in many health problems.

After food poisoning, the body recovers faster with clay cure – Put a teaspoon of clay powder in a glass of plain water and left undisturbed until morning, drink only clear water (throw the mud). This cure is hold for a month, during which you should not consume alcohol.

As an external remedy, clay compresses give good results in pain relief of rheumatic and kidney problems, in neuralgia, fractures and sprains.

Mix clay with water to get a medium consistency solution. Compress is applied to the skin (up to 2 cm) on the painful area and leave to act for two hours. In case of acute pain, compresses should be warm (heated on steam), and for inflammation, must be cold.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), good for sinusitis:

If you have sinusitis, you can heal it with sodium bicarbonate. Put a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup with hot water and make nasal lavage, you will breathe more easily.

If you want to relax after an exhausting day, put two cups full of baking soda in the hot tub and sit in it for 30 minutes. After a hard meal, to prevent indigestion, dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water. This remedy is also good in treating urinary infection.

Precautions when using baking soda:

Do not abuse bicarbonate-based remedies if you have hypertension or renal failure (due to sodium content).

Healing powder tips:

– As long as you’re on an herb-based detox cure, you should avoid eating meat.

– Powder-based detoxification is best indicated in autumn.

– Fall and spring are the best time to start detoxification cures.

– During autumn, the body prepares for the cold season, and detoxification lasts for six weeks.

– For cures, you can use all kinds of herbal powders. The powder is obtained by manually grinding leaves, flowers or stems of plants that we use.

– Recommended dosage must be strictly observed, because the powder is a concentrate solution.

– A powder-based detoxification cure can be made using the following recipe: 5 grams of dandelion root and 15 grams of horsetail, nettle leaf, marigold flowers and primrose flowers. Mix together and the obtained mixture is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, one teaspoon (2.5 grams) with a glass of 200 ml of water. This cure lasts six weeks.