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Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

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Tips for a good night sleep

You can not sleep even if you are very tired? Or even if you sleep, you wake up more tired than you were? Sleep is essential to our health and we must ensure enough rest every night for the proper functioning of our body.

Here are some tips to enjoy a good night’s sleep:

Change the light bulbs in your house

Bright light is one of the most important factors that reduce sleepiness. Replace the light bulbs in your bedroom with some weaker ones. Before bedtime, use only a lamp to rest and relax your eyes.

Tip: Avoid halogen lamps and fluorescent bulbs because they have a too bright white light.

Choose the perfect mattress and pillow

During sleep, it is important that muscles of the body and head to be completely relaxed, and your neck and spine aligned. Choose a quality mattress that does not deform over time and has antibacterial coating.

If you sleep on your back, pick a small thin pillow to keep the neck in normal position. If you sleep on one side with buy a pillow with a small dip to relax the neck. People who sleep on their stomachs need thinner pillows for a correct body position.

Give up vices

Avoid consuming coffee or other sources that give excess energy (caffeinated tea, energy drinks, mineral water, chocolate, green tea) after 17:00.

Heavy or spicy foods can cause abdominal pain or gastric crisis. Alcohol consumption causes chemical reactions in the body, and at night during sleep this prevents the brain to get enough rest.

Make exercises

A sedentary lifestyle is not only unhealthy for the body, but also for our brains. Exercise increases levels of endorphins, the body releasing stress. The best time to work your body muscles is in the morning (refreshing exercises) and evening (aerobics, fitness, jogging, cycling or roller).

Create atmosphere

Try to create a relaxing atmosphere before going to bed and sleep. Vent the room for a few minutes, use a lamp to reduce light, listen to slow music and light some incense.

Tip: You can take a hot bath before bed to relax.

More tips for a good night’s sleep:

– Avoid sleeping during the day, if you’re very tired you can rest for only one hour;
– Before bedtime, drink a cup of linden tea or milk;
– Sleep in cotton pajamas to prevent sweating at night;
– Eat light dinner (soup, lean meat, salad, vegetables);
– Do not look at television shows before bedtime;
– Do yourself a foot massage with scented cream;
– Do not use sleeping pills;
– Leave the windows slightly open to ventilate the room at night.