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Tips For An Easy Labor – Childbirth

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Easy laboring

Approaching the due date, women need good medical and psychological care and moral support from loved ones. Below we explain some ways that can ease your period before birth, appealing to some natural treatments and special exercises.

Learn some secrets about labor!

Until recently, the position of women at birth was lying on his back with legs placed on gynecological support. Currently, many obstetricians experts recommend to women who give birth to adopt positions where they feel comfortable, and where contractions can be aided by the force of gravity. It was found, in this regard, that upstanding or half-upstanding positions facilitate expulsion because the birth canal widens.


Labor begins with the appearance of intense and regular contractions of the uterus, cervix is starting to dilate with each contraction until the dilation is high. This stage of labor is accompanied by pain. Therefore, we recommend you to take a series of positions that will help alleviate these pains. Walking around the room can help in this regard. You can also sit on your knees, supported by the bed to ease the pressure on the back between contractions.

Another position is supported on the knees and elbows, with buttocks raised and legs apart.

How can you make contractions more bearable?

First, you must keep in mind that to be able to keep pushing, you must be hydrated throughout the labor because your body sweat a lot and can lose fluids. Drink water or fruit juice (if your doctor allows) with repeated small sips. It is also important that in the early labor to take a snack with cereal bars, bananas, vegetable soup, honey or glucose. All these will provide energy during labor.

Breathing is one of the key factors during birth. When you begin to experience pain from contractions avoids to hold your breath. Focus your mouth and exhale the air slowly and relax your facial muscles, neck and shoulders. Inhale deeply and then, down the abdomen and diaphragm breathing through the nose. This is called abdominal breathing and is recommended for the first stage of labor.

When the child is about to be born breath quickly and easily. Abdominal inspiration must be replaced in this phase with inspiration and chest breathing. You can focus on one point; a picture or sound to be able to relax. You can choose to listen to music if this will settle down.


For abdominal or back pain relief during birth, you can ask your partner to do massage. There are a number of special massage techniques for this purpose. Lie on your side with your head on a pillow. the partner needs to massage your spine, hips and thighs. It can also make quick and easy massage movements (butterfly massage) on the base of the spine just above the recess between the buttocks.

The pain caused by contractions can be reduced with the help of an ice pack rubbed quickly against the back. You can also use a hot water bottle if back pain is predominant.

Aromatherapy. If your doctor allows you, you can use a vaporizer a soothing blend of lavender oil (4 drops), sandalwood (4 drops) and geranium (2 drops).

Flower essences also have beneficial effects. Use olive wood if you are exhausted during and after birth, or walnut wood that will help you revive the body after birth.