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Tips to Prevent Premature Births

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To prevent pre-term baby born you must take into account many aspects. Childbirth is a great responsibility and professionals come up with some helpful tips that you can find in this article:

Young people should ask the doctor a number of medical information when they decide to have babies.

Abortion (especially one made at first pregnancy) increases the risk of premature birth in the next pregnancy.

Conception is vitally important for the rest of pregnancy. Young people who decide to have children should plan this important event and take responsibility for their child’s health and future.

It is very important that the moment of conception to be a period in which both parents are perfectly healthy and not suffering from poisoning by nicotine, alcohol or drugs.

It is recommended that the administration of any drug during pregnancy should be discussed with the specialist who oversees the task.

Newborn health is directly correlated with maternal health. This is why it is very important as a possible mother-fetus infection to be discovered and treated as early as possible. This could prevent a premature birth and this way the child’s health can be guaranteed. Viral and bacterial infections are the most common cause of premature births.

Scheduling specialist obstetrician in the first three months of pregnancy is required, and if there is any risk, the mother should consult a physician specialists specialized in the suspected risk. Any pathology in pregnancy is a risk of premature birth.

For the evolution of a normal pregnancy are required four medical visits in the last 4 months of pregnancy, at the obstetrician physician. If pregnancy is at risk, visits will be made twice a month or weekly.

Pregnant women should undergo repeated examination of urine. UTIs should be treated fairly. Any fever in infection must be controlled.

Pregnant women should monitor their weight gain.

Stress and excessive exercise during pregnancy is a high risk of premature birth.

In-vitro fertilization and multiple pregnancies can expose the mother to premature birth. This task should be monitored carefully in order to see even the smallest sign of discomfort of the baby in the womb and the mother must undergo medical checks more frequently.

Both parents must create a favorable microclimate for raising the baby and provide nutritious eating before and during pregnancy. Nutritious diet, health care for mother and father, calm and happiness of the family are the best guarantees to have a healthy baby.

Young mothers need to understand the key role they have as parents. You must be aware of the birth that will take place and ask for support and advice from gynecologist specialists on how to overcome fear of birth and the specific pain. On the other hand, gynecologists need to help the mother to have a positive attitude regarding childbirth and be informed of the methods of painless childbirth.

If pain or bleeding appear, the pregnant woman shall call the doctor as quick as possible.