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How To Treat Swollen Lips

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Swollen lips are a painful condition due to which you can have problem in talking and eating. Sometimes, there can be cuts and bleeding along with the swelling. The main cause of this problem is lip trauma, dryness, infection, allergy and weather. It causes difficulty in opening the mouth. It is very easy to treat this problem. We will give you some tips for this. Following are some useful tips on treating swollen lips.


Application of ice cubes on lips helps in treating swelling. Put the ice cubes in a cloth and apply on the affected area. Press ice cubes on lips for ten minutes. Wait for ten minutes and apply ice again. Don’t apply ice on lips directly. You should use it with cloth.

Salty Water

Salt is very effective in treating lip swelling due to cuts. Take lukewarm water and add salt. Dip cotton in this solution and apply on the lips. It may cause little burning but don’t worry. It is harmless. You can also add rosewater with the above salt solution. Apply on lips for ten minutes. Wash the lips.


Black Tea

Black tea is an excellent remedy for swollen lips. Prepare black tea with tealeaves or tea bag. Wait for some time so that the solution becomes cold. Apply on the lips. The tannin compounds present in the tea act as astringent and help in treating the lip swelling.

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