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Treating Spring Specific Diseases With Propolis

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1. Flu, runny noses – A study conducted in Germany, showed that in patients taking 50 drops of propolis tincture four times a day, the probability of making an influenza virus infection decreases to 40%. Also, in most patients treated with propolis, the healing time is reduced from 6-7 days to 3-4 days.

2. Bronchitis, respiratory disease with abundant secretions – Take four times a day, a tablespoon of propolised honey in the course of three weeks. Propolis is an excellent antibiotic, which acts progressively inhibiting the bacterial growth, restoring tissues damaged by them, favoring the elimination of excess secretions in the airways.

3. Gastritis, ulcers – Place 30 drops of propolis tincture on a slice of dry white bread, mix well and swallow on an empty stomach. You can take up to 4-6 doses per day, has a great healing effect on gastric wall, regulates the amount of acid secreted juices. Remember, though, that if not administered with a sufficient amount of dry bread, tincture can aggravate gastritis, because it contains alcohol.

4. Colitis fermentation and putrefaction – Put 50 drops of propolis tincture in a tablespoon of honey and swallow on an empty stomach. Take three doses a day, before meals. Healing occurs within 5 weeks. In people with worse colitis, take the same amount of propolis tincture on dry bread. In Bulgaria was made a study of this treatment on 45 patients suffering from colitis, noting after a month positive feedback in 43 of them. In general, after 20 days, pain and other distressing symptoms have disappeared, the treatment is continued only to reinforce the effect.


5. Asthenia – Certain chemicals called flavonoids in propolis composition have excellent effects in treating fatigue in spring. They have nerve tonic, prevents damage to the body of essential vitamins (like vitamin C), and boosts hormone activity. Anti spring fatigue is a cure with propolised honey for three weeks, during which you can take 6 teaspoons per day.

6. Immune Falls – Parallel studies made in Japan, United States and Russia have highlighted the fact that propolis strongly activates the immune system. Alcoholic extract of propolis (ie tincture) administered systematically increases production of specialized cells of the immune system, which causes a much greater resistance to infection with any germ. To increase immunity is a cure for three weeks, during which you can take 30-40 drops of propolis tincture, 4 times per day.

7. Hypertension and heart rhythm disorders – Research done in cardiology hospitals in China, have revealed that 300 mg of propolis (approximately 150 drops of tincture) per day lead to a decrease in blood pressure, helps in heart rate normalization and can decrease the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Also, positive effects were found for the recovery of blood vessel elasticity.