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Untreated Mastitis Can Lead To Serious Complications

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Mastitis symptoms and prevention

Mammary gland disease is a source of stress for many women today, not only cancer, but other threats are also lurking in the dark and waiting to bite helped by a diet low in nutrients, increasing solar radiation and pollution factors all are very aggressive.

Housing the milk supply for new born and responsible for constant production of hormones, mammary glands are often at risk of all kinds, of which mastitis is standing out, so you should always take measures to treat and / or prevent this disease.

In general, mastitis is an infection or just a state of inflammation of the breasts often caused by staphylococcus and other very aggressive bacteria, inflammation can then locate the fatty tissue and ducts and generate pain. Especially, the lethal Staphylococcus aureus mastitis is guilty of occurrence of this disease, and treatment in such a situation is required because the alternative is not at all pleasant.

Untreated, mastitis can degenerate into pockets of pus or other ugly forms of staph infections, mammary glands will greatly suffer from this, and the option of surgery is completely unattractive, therefore it is wise to prevent the complications of mastitis.

Mastitis symptoms and prevention

Breast redness, pain, swelling, suspicious appearance of fever or itching often are just some of the symptoms that may herald a mastitis, in this case, going to a medical control is highly recommended. Even if symptoms break down, and something like this happens usually, medical tests are still a necessary step because the breasts are a fertile ground for further and other infections and should therefore be protected more than other organs of the body.

Given prompt treatment, the infection in the body will completely disappear, especially nursing mothers should follow a form of emergency antibiotics and safe techniques to turn daily emptying of the breasts to prevent it spreading infection. Immediate medical attention is essential in these cases. Any delay can attract and relieve symptoms, but also a hidden disease evolution, which will burst with more power in the future.

Currently, treatments for curing mastitis are very effective and can be applied urgently, usually complete healing can occur after up to one week if the diagnosis was made early. Bacteria and viruses are not things to play with, so do not forget to make a medical check if you suspect that you have contracted an infection of the breast, that has the symptoms of mastitis.