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Walking Through Water For Good Health

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Remove your shoes and rediscover the joy of walking on the beach. Besides feeling good and a total freedom, water massage that is performed over the muscles and skin has a tonic and relaxant action.

Walking through water up to knee

Anyone walking along the beach, happily taking advantage of playing with the running waves, is not knowing that is making aquatherapy. Very fashionable at the turn of the century, this method aims to make a person aware of the physical and mental potential. Walking through water is a great regulator of emotional stress and is also good for physical and nervous system. In addition, the movement in water allow ankles to “escape” from one side of body weight, which eases joint pain immediately. Another advantage: light resistance that opposes water at that level boosts blood circulation and eases the sensation of “heavy legs”. When the water reach the knee height, we can choose two kinds of walk:

– Remove the feet from the water, imitating walking stork. It is an ideal exercise for stiff joints.
– Drag the feet from the water, while trying to keep resistance. Massage will increase the force exerted by the water, and the flow will be more dynamic and will release fat and water reserves in the tissues.

Walking through water up to the thighs

As we sink further into the water, walking is more complicated, because the surface of water over our body that opposes resistance is higher. And it can be chosen two types of exercises:

– Resist the waves. It is ideal for movement disorders. Lymph blocked, heavy legs, they all feel relieved quickly. Water movement helps the lymphatic drainage and pressure them, removes fat and improves skin tone.

– Walking through water is more difficult but is a very tonic activity. The muscle groups are all trained simultaneously, but without the fatigue felt in the gym. Alternate walking through water, back and forth, simply place your feet on the back and forth. This method activate the inside thigh muscles that are rarely used. After one hour of water movement, you will regenerate completely out of the sea, in addition, with a wonderful sense of relief.

Walking through water up to shoulders

It is a complex movement that trains the entire body. Ideal for those who want to lose weight and gain in a short time the silhouette of a dream.

1. Aqua-walking

Try walking through the water with large steps, and simultaneously moving your arms. Duration: about 5 minutes.

2. Aqua-jogging

Run in place, moving arms and legs as strong. It’s hard, because water resistance, but there is no muscle that was left untrained. Duration: 3 minutes.

3. Aqua-boxing

With fists raised, boxing powerful in the water constantly changing hands. Duration: 3 minutes.

4. Aqua-stretching

– Stretching for hands: make the ballet movements with your hands in water, moving them from one side to another, effortlessly. Whole body relaxes the muscles. In addition, you will get a nice massage.
– Stretching for the foot: one arm stretched is held over the surface, while the other ankle grab the opposite leg. Pull the seat base, then move your foot back and forth, so it will bent. Must be done 10 movements with each leg.