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Water Retention and Premenstrual Syndrome

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Water retention causes pms syndrome

Water retention is characterized by low activity of the lymphatic system, unable at certain times when the body suffers the most serious state of inflammation to drain accumulated fluid infiltration in the form of soft tissues, in this fluid is often contained many harmful substances and toxins for the human body, which can create the appearance of serious illness if not properly disposed.

PMS is only one condition that frequently causes serious inflammation of the entire body and is producing an effect called water retention that can occur either as the so-called localized edema in the legs or the abdomen or worse, in the lungs.

Most women are able to successfully overcome the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and presents only temporarily such a state of inflammation in the body which improves gradually, almost imperceptibly, with the end of feared menstrual periods. However, other women may suffer from chronic bloating, feeling of heaviness in the legs or chest and swelling, so they must adopt common measures by improving food type and life to effectively combat water retention.

Water retention causes pms syndrome

Exercise and daily outdoor walks are the most effective forms of prevention of water retention and proper diet also plays an essential role for relief of all symptoms, minimization of salt in the diet and avoiding processed products, canned, saturated fat or white flour can bring clear benefits to health.

The daily menu of women suffering from water retention during menstruation, and at other times of the month should be included frequently alkaline and detoxifying foods, diuretic fruit and less sugar, nuts and seeds, sesame or mustard, whole grains and vegetables. Alcohol, salt and coffee aggravate the condition and must be removed for several days, and then consumed only in moderation.

Of recommended supplements to prevent and improve water retention in the body, diuretics and natural food come first (birch leaves, dandelion, parsley, cherry stalks, green tea, melon, cucumber, tomatoes, boiled and filtered well). Furthermore, a number of vitamins and minerals are essential for proper treatment of all symptoms (calcium, magnesium, vitamins B range, vitamin E).

Avoiding stress can rapidly improve the condition, especially when you have a proper diet and good measures of physical activity, otherwise, a doctor should identify the deeper causes that can trigger periodic water retention in the body and in turn recommend some effective treatments to help complete healing of the person suffering from this disease.