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Weigh Loss Cures and Other Health Remedies With Grapes

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It begins with a “warming” period of three days, in which you gradually consume: half a kilo of grapes on the first day, a kilogram on the second day, leading to 1.5 kilograms in the third day. After these days our digestion and metabolism is accustomed with grapes, next is five days, the grape is eaten only as such or as juice. Should be consumed not less than 1.5 kg each day or 1.2 liters of fresh grape juice, the maximum being 3-4 kg or 2.4 liters of grape juice per day. After the last day of cure we gradually start to get used with regular food, but first consuming herbal infusion sweetened with honey and light meals (hot vegetable soups, boiled potatoes), and within 3-4 days we will get to our normal food.

Recommendations: For maximum effect is necessary that we should always be well supplied with grapes, so you do not run out of “fuel” and to appeal, under the impetus of hunger, to the food in the refrigerator. Grapes must be sweet, ripe, fresh (not to be entered in the fermentation, or to be dried in the sun) and fragrant. The only supplements that are allowed during this cure are warm unsweetened teas of cumin, pepper mint, or thyme to warm your body (which in this period is more sensitive to cold) and to combat any diarrhea or abdominal cramps.

Effects: This cure is a true high-intensity sweeps for the body of toxins, cleanses, removes obesity promptly, helps metabolism, strengthens the cardiovascular system. Grape cure cleans and beautifies skin and fights skin acne, rash, helps heal dermatoses – which is rebel to other forms of treatment. Following the detoxification processes triggered by this treatment, the skin becomes shiny and smooth, and weight excess is easily removed.


Moderate grape cure:

For two days in a week you must eat nothing but grapes: 1.5 – 3 kg per day. The day course always starts at 00 and ends on the following day at 00. It’s good for cure days to not be far apart, rest of a day between them is enough (most convenient day proved to be the Friday and Sunday – when the program is more casual).

Recommendations: The cure must be held for two days a week, a whole month. You will see that in the meantime, the body will require lighter and more instinctive foods rich in vitamins and minerals (fruits, vegetables, fresh milk), which will help to lose weight harmoniously. If problems arise, such as mild diarrhea or cramps, you can drink during the cure small amounts of peppermint or fennel tea, unsweetened. After leaving the cure enter toast, rice and dried appetizers.

Effects: Weight loss are less spectacular as in the intensive cure, but if you keep a light diet between regular days of this cure (no fried foods, meat, succulent sweets) the weight will decrease slowly but surely, about 3 kg per week. Otherwise, are kept the effects of the previous cure, but somewhat smaller.

Mild version of grape cure:

Unique to this cure is that you can eat other foods besides grapes. That gradually increases as quantity of grapes: the first day, eat a pound of grapes, assigned to the three main meals (for example, one cluster before each meal). The second day will consume more than half a kilogram, so a kilogram of grapes, serving at meals. It increases by one pound per day, so that, on the sixth day, reaching 3 kg of grapes, assigned to the three main meals. Keep this quantity for three days (ie on days 7, 8, 9), then return to your normal diet.

Recommendations: The grapes are always consumed before a meal, the serving should be balanced, so you do not get to eat at dinner two kilograms of grapes, while the rest of the day we enjoyed with all the sweets, in addition to grapes. Between meals do not eat anything. Meals are taken at the same time, if possible. Cure can be repeated after three days of rest.

Effects: Weight loss is slow, but steady, provided they you do not abuse food. Grapes (especially those with a sweet and fine perfume, like Hamburg) are among the few fruits whose consumption does not cause a dramatic increase in appetite. Because they are rich in easily assimilated sugars, will promptly remove weakness (caused by low blood sugar), which occur frequently in diabetic people. Moreover, during the cure, there was a balanced action in the nerve, which has the effect of eliminating the unhealthy urge to eat. People who have a big appetite, which do not resist to more radical diets, can call with confidence on this cure.

White Grapes

Therapeutic guide to cures with grape

Obesity and weight gain – All three courses with an explicit aim on grapes will decline weight more or less. It is important to know that, besides this, it produces a massive removal of toxins from the body, which will help in maintaining the weight limits that we want.

Hypertension – High blood pressure in mild forms, grape cure is an excellent and gently remedy. It is however not recommended for those with severe hypertension, which the doctor has contraindicated fluids for the body.

Liver diseases (hepatitis, post-hepatic sequelae) – Treatment should be done at least once a year, must avoid eating fatty, heavy, fried foods, etc..

Biliary – Grape cure is especially recommended for the treatment of dyspepsia, the prevention and treatment of cholecystitis and gallstone disease in mild forms.

Slow digestion – It is recommended to eat grapes (not too sweet) at least 30 minutes before every lunch.

Constipation – Grapes stimulates digestion, their shells acting as a “natural plunger” that pushes the waste material in the colon.

Gout – Grapes in large amounts in the body mobilizes and eliminates the uric acid.

Hormonal disorders in women – It seems that grapes have very special effects on the gonads and adrenal gland-cortex, which secretes hormones and is an important part of feminine beauty. For this reason the grape cure can be prescribed for premature aging of the skin, hirsutism (hair growth in areas not specific to women), acne, normal wear and tear on the background of stress, and various eczema.

Anemia – Red and black grapes contain significant amounts of anti-anemic substance, in addition, B-complex vitamins help to fix iron in the body.

Hemorrhoids – Grapes are a great remedy for constipation and at the same time, a venous tonic. Grape cure, together with local remedies (ointment of comfrey, sea buckthorn) is an infallible combination in this disease.

Contraindications on grape cures:

Diseases in which cures with grapes are strictly contraindicated are: diabetes, severe kidney problems, severe hypertension, retention of water in tissue, fermentation colitis, chronic diarrhea.