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What To Eat at Work? – Good Habits of Healthy Eating at Work

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The nutrition imbalances often occur due to lack of time. How many of us give the deserved time and attention for lunch break at work? Between two papers, three fax machines and ten emails we are always tempted for important calls while we are hungry and rushed into a chocolate biscuit, a big slice of pizza “with everything” or a juicy hamburger. These habits of the man working in the office not only that can mess up our metabolism, but can also lead to serious health problems.

What is the solution? How we can keep the mind alert and a healthy body? The answer is at hand: we must pay great attention to food. Because we spend at work, perhaps most of the time, and because of displacement and the program will always be hard to find the perfect balance of healthy eating that we need.

In general the main principles of a balanced diet and healthy nutrition are known by almost everyone (lots of fruits and vegetables, fat cheese, fiber and so on …), but how do you put them in practice when you must have lunch at your desk or office? Because of the work program, many of us are forced to chew something even while we work against the clock. But to properly feed means to avoid crunching and chewing on the run for all products that were found successful in listings such “junk food”.

What to eat at work:

Given the specific conditions of work each of us should first make ourselves an action plan and keep it. Heated food brought from home to work does not really exist everywhere, fast food and fastest solution seems at hand. But you can come around this if you focus on foods that can be eaten at room temperature, such as bread and sandwiches with homemade cold steak (not full of additives sausage). Home made salads are also an alternative, especially if they don’t have soaked dressings, mayonnaise and sauces, which, although taste great, are full of preservatives and other substances whose names we may not could pronounce, let alone to know what effects have on our body..

Ideas for lunch at work:

Can you bring from home different kinds of salad: vegetables, fish, with chicken or turkey, salads with lots of protein and not much fat. You can use a little olive oil or yogurt for dressings. Whatever we be tempted to order a pizza lunch together with others, you should not lose sight of the fact that these products, besides the fact that they are full of saturated fat, are nearly devoid of vitamins and nutrients protein.

A preferred alternative for junk food is the local canteen:

If in the area where you work there is such thing, most likely that you’ll have daily menus at a reasonable prices, so you can eat healthy. A soup or stew, a steak grilled and easy salad and fruits for afternoon are much healthier. And after lunch you will not be feeling so bloated and slow like when you’ve just devoured a double cheeseburger.

Eating at work at fixed hours:

You have to do a schedule of meals to eat at the same time every day and not give up lunch replacing it with chocolate, cola, chips, snacks, popcorn, and other sweets which seem to keep your hunger at the moment, but remember that although you will have a feeling of fullness, your body has not received the amount of nutrients needed and will not work correctly. Better replace them with fresh fruits. Or even dried fruits.

During lunch break at work you can “hang” of any fruit your heart desires: peaches, bananas, plums, oranges, apples, pears, cherries, tangerines and so on. Always pick fresh fruits and choose depending on the season. If you do not have time to eat them as is at work, take from home a fruit salad.

You can put nuts in your fruit salad, because they are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins, minerals and folic acid. Regular consumption of nuts is the most easy and safest method to provide your body with natural and easily assimilable lipids. The only drink that you should drink daily at work for hydrating your body is water. “Natural” marketed juices often contain all sorts of sugars and preservatives. So, better not.

Remember, with little organization and a much smaller financial effort we can find alternatives to have a proper food diet that keeps us not only healthy but also in good shape.