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Why It’s Essential To Eat Breakfast Every Day

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Morning breakfast is essential

If you belong in that category of people who believe that skipping breakfast may eliminate some calories, then you should think twice before doing so.

That’s because many research suggests that, among other things, a nutritious food consumed in the morning helps to control your weight, increase work mental capacity and decreases the risk of heart disease or diabetes.

That’s why you should give your body a breakfast every day.

More nutrients than lunch or dinner:

Choosing the right food in the morning, you can benefit from more essential nutrients such as fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals than lunch or dinner. For example, if you opt for whole grains (with milk) instead of white flour products you get a consistent amount of fiber that help lower cholesterol, protect the heart and stimulates digestion.

Also a good choice is the oatmeal (indicated would be to have at least five grams of fiber per serving).

In addition, a portion of proteins is also essential, such as a hard-boiled egg or yogurt, and low-fat, which is beneficial to the body – especially the brain. Is indicated vegetable (oil) and not be hydrogenated (found in margarine in particular).

Some foods should be avoided like cereals with added sugar and, in general, all products with added sugar.

You feel full for longer:

Without this meal of the day is increased the risk of obesity, according to several specialists. The most likely explanation is that when the body does not get food in the morning, this triggers cravings for foods high in calories, such as baked goods and fast food.

A key factor is the fact that these products are often reached easier than healthy foods (most institutions and office buildings are near bakeries and fast foods, or opposite, if you prefer so).

So if you eat a healthy breakfast you forget about hunger for several hours, thus avoiding those cravings for highly caloric snacks.

Am indicated breakfast variant can be: one egg (preferably boiled), two slices of whole grain bread and a glass of sweet milk or yogurt.

You have more energy:

Breakfast stimulate metabolism which helps burn calories faster, and provide energy for a big part of the day, especially if you exercise.

When the body does not receive food for 10-12 hours (during evening and night), but is subject to a morning exercise, is consuming the last reserves of carbohydrates (sometimes they are not even sufficient, so many people feel they don’t have the power to exercise in the morning if they do not eat).

Also, some research has suggested that eating more often but less, is the rate at which the body burns calories more quickly.

You are more efficient:

Some foods rich in vitamin B, such as oatmeal, bananas, pineapple and avocado, helps to have more efficiency and energy. Vitamin B improves concentration and helps you think more clearly through the day.