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You Have Palpitations? You May Have Thyroid Problems

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Palpitation symptoms

Did you know that hair loss, dry skin or excessive sweating may be signs of a hormonal imbalance? It is time to learn how to decipher the signals you receive from the endocrine system.

The thyroid is located in the neck. Thyroid hormones influence heart rate, respiration rate, the rate at which calories are burned, skin health, growing process, “production” of heat, fertility and digestion.

Hyperthyroidism – Excess of thyroid hormones:

Symptoms: hyperactivity, insomnia, heat discomfort, palpitations, fatigue, weight loss, reduction or disappearance of menstrual bleeding, decreased libido, accelerated intestinal transit, persistent thirst, itching, goiter, sweating, tremor of the extremities, hair loss.

Palpitation symptoms

Hypothyroidism – Low thyroid hormone production:

Symptoms: fatigue, weight gain, depression, feeling cold, cold hands and feet, dry skin, menstrual disorders, insomnia, constipation, hair loss, memory and immune system impairment, fatigue, cold intolerance, muscle or joint pain , hoarse voice, bradycardia, fluid in the pleura or pericardium.

If you experience any of these symptoms, the best step is a visit to your doctor for a professional medical examination and treatment.