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Aloe Vera: An Ancient Secret

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Aloe-Barbadensis-Miller, called Aloe Vera, is a subtropical plant, one of more than 250 species of aloe, known in many countries for its extraordinary therapeutic effects. The name “Aloe” comes from the Arabic word “aloeh” which means “bitter sap crystal” and “Vera” from Latin, due to its very strong therapeutic effect.

The ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality” and puts it among the funerary gifts buried with the pharaohs, to assure, even after death, the Pharaoh’s spirit health. Returning to our times, in 1934 EC Collins made a first paper published in the United States describing the use of Aloe Vera to treat dermatitis caused by solar radiation.

More recent surveys since 1989, highlights the beneficial effects of this plant in lung cancer, leukemia (due at least three anticancer agents that contain them), but stopping the disease in patients already detected HIV positive or AIDS disease.

The plant is not very demanding, and can be cultivated even in apartments. But is better that when you want to use it for treating various diseases, first seek advice from a specialist in natural medicine.

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Why use this herb?

Aloe Vera contains:

– Antiseptic agents that kill or keep under control viruses, bacteria, fungi;
– Anti-inflammatory fatty acids, the plant is efficient in treating burns, allergic reactions, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers;
– Polypeptides, promoters of immunity, with a role in diseases affecting the immune system, including HIV;
– Salicylic acid and lupeol, which explains why it is a good tranquilizer.

What qualities Aloe Vera has?

– Detoxifying action: accelerating and normalizes metabolism, intestinal regeneration, UV protection
– Calming, analgesic, strengthening the immune system
– Stimulates cellular regeneration (6-8 times accelerates new cell growth)
– An antiseptic, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory

When and how to use Aloe Vera based products?

External use: the gel is very good for skin care and pains in joints and rheumatism. Can be used as “first aid” in burns and various injuries, due to the effects of disinfectant, hemostatic and healing process accelerator.

Internal use: activate and stimulate blood and lymphatic flow, kidney function, liver and gallbladder, regulates the immune system and digestive tract, relieves rheumatic pain, improves mental status and physical condition.

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