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Argan Oil – The Nature’s Miracle

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Argan oil, known also as the famous Green Gold of Morocco is unique in the world because of its nutritional and cosmetics characteristics.

Argan oil is considered an expensive oil, because this type of oil is the rarest in the world. This is because the argan tree grows on small areas, requiring specific climatic conditions. Since ancient times women where massaging their body and hair with argan oil and before that, gave a spoonful of pure argan to newborns, a way to gave them long life.

Since ancient times, the Berbers in Morocco used the mystical oil in treatment and prevention of various diseases. European laboratories found that the oil is rich in vitamin E and is a complete nutritionally product.

The argan tree

Argan is found mostly in south-eastern Morocco, a tree species that has survived an era when this region was much more humid. Argan covers about 800,000 hectares in the African continent of Atlantic.

This tree manages to survive in conditions of chronic drought and poor soils, limestone, and is often un-cultivable due to its network of highly developed roots. For Moroccans agronomists, Argan is irreplaceable in the fight against land degradation and desertification in the progressive southern Morocco.

Argan is a thorny tree with a trunk often curved, warped, with clear green leaves, having numerous fruit resembling olives. They contain a grain durum, of light brown.

Argan Oil

Natural beauty treatments

For cosmetic use, argan oil has a regenerative effect and anti-wrinkle and is beneficial for dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema and wrinkles. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, antioxidants, polyphenols, squalene, Omega 9 and Omega 6, argan oil is now the main product used for skin care, hair and nails in Morocco.

Applied to the skin in its natural state (without being introduced in certain products such as lotions, creams, masks, etc.), argan oil helps skin cells to fight aging and thus drying it.

It also has the ability to strengthen the hair, nails and skin and regenerate damages made by severe acne or burns.

Mixed with lemon juice, argan oil helps to protect the nails and keep fortification for a longer period of time.

Argan oil helps the healing process and some diseases may completely disappear, such the traces of chickenpox. We must also remember that argan oil is very rich in vitamin E and sterols which gives excellent antioxidant properties, as is known being effective in reducing wrinkles.

What is argan oil good for ?

– Relaxation and vitality
– Stabilize cholesterol reducing cholesterol levels and improves good cholesterol
– Reduces hypertension
– Has an anti-obesity effects being consumed on an empty stomach
– Has a positive effect on liver function
– Boosts and stimulates cell oxygenation, improving the quality of intercellular deposits
– Anti-wrinkle effect (prevents drying and aging skin regenerate its physiological lipid film and increasing the contribution of nutrient cells)
– It has anticancer properties

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