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Constipation – Causes, Risks And Treatment

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Constipation is caused, most often, by delaying for various reasons presentation to the bathroom when the need arises to take the seat. This is explained by the specific feeling that the last portion of the large intestine faeces arrival, producing a small increase of it.

If it is postponed for various reasons, the need becomes weaker and more rare and so constipation takes place. Also an inappropriate diet can cause this disease. Typically, the seat is formed in large part of the intestine with unabsorbed food residues. These remnants the stimulates intestinal wall movements in the exhaust and also serves as a ground for the development of intestinal microbes, which produce gas and acid fermentation which in turn stimulates bowel movements.

Thus, a diet consisting of high quality flour, sweets, meat and cheese, without fruits and vegetables, so low in plant debris, produces bowel and delayed evacuation loafing. Summer and autumn constipation is rare, especially because the diet is rich in fruits and vegetables. Constipation may be caused also by the weakening power of the body. It depends on the strength of contraction of abdominal muscles, increasing the pressure inside the abdomen, causes the evacuation chair. There are diseases that cause weakness in the contact force of these muscles, such as obesity, repetitive tasks, large and sudden weakness.

The main risk factors of constipation are:

– Bad habit of delaying submission to the toilet when it is ment and need to dispose of the chair;
– Diets low in vegetables and fruits;
– Obesity;
– Repetitive tasks;
– Massive weakening in a short time.


Constipation can develop in two forms: acute and chronic.

Constipation is most often chronic, that is sustainable and painless. It makes a distinction between painful constipation, alternating with periods of diarrhea, which occurs in people who had until then regular seats, and constipation is common. Normally, food waste disposal occurs in approximately 24 hours after consuming lunch. However there are people who, without being ill, have a seat at two days, without being able to say about them as suffering from constipation.



As results from the definition, the symptom is the lack of evacuation seat after more than two days. Not eliminated, food debris accumulates in the intestines and give rise to further complications, which can go up to bowel obstruction.


Any constipation occurred more or less sharply, especially in an older person, should be reported to the doctor and him alone can decide the diagnosis and treatment. Constipation is a simple common condition, which can be treated only by complying with food regulations, but also is a disease and if the signal is more difficult, therefore should not be taken lightly or ignored. Your doctor should be one who will recommend additional tests to be performed.


In ordinary cases of constipation, is essential for treating diseases that weaken the power of abdominal muscle contraction. In most cases, however, constipation can be treated through proper diet, to provide sufficient food scraps for intestine and thereby favor the regular and easy removal. Breakfast is compulsory, because there is a reflex that causes contractions of the intestine which become more active after a meal.

The regime should include a larger amount of cold liquids, foods high in cellulose, which increases fecal bowl and ease fermentation, concentrated sweets (honey, jam), which favors the production of intestinal fermentation, an increased amount of fat to excite the secretion and excretion of bile and intestinal contractions, foods rich in vitamin B1, as brewer’s yeast and black bread.


Morning is taken on an empty stomach (if the patient is not obese), a teaspoon of honey and a glass of water.
It’s a bad habit of not eating breakfast and the morning meal that will be taken regularly.
You must eat slowly and chew well will.
You need to have (smaller) six meals a day.
It is mandatory, at least one or two of the six meals, do not miss raw vegetables and fruits.
Fruits should be consumed between meals.

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