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Diseases Caused by Stress

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Stress is not only one of the aggravating factors of dandruff, but it can produce other diseases more or less severe. In moderate amounts is beneficial for the organism and is a normal reaction. It allows us to adapt to unforeseen events or significant changes in our lives. But sometimes the body can not cope with constant pressure and so-called diseases occur due to stress.

Remember that stress not only causes the appearance of disease itself but rather drives the manifestation of latent disease or predisposition like migraines, asthma or even diabetes.

In periods in which the body is undergoing major stress, it begins to engage us some warning signals. If you notice one or more of the “signals” is probably the time to reduce exposing to surrounding pressure.

– Fatigue, since as you wake up and you need more sleep.
– Sleep disorders
– Anxiety
– Nervousness
– Muscle contractions, muscle cramps
– Reduced libido
– Memory disorders

If you have not taken into account these signals, excessive stress can lead to serious health problems, depending on the predispositions you have. For women, this especially is manifested by anxiety and depression. In men is manifested with cardiovascular problems, ulcers or even sexual problems.

These diseases may be influenced by a prolonged stress:

– Digestive disorders: flatulence, gastritis, ulcers
– Cardiovascular disease: heart palpitations, heart pain, hypertension, myocardial
– Repeated infections: due to viral or microbial weakening of the immune system
– Skin infection: eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, herpetic eruptions, massive hair loss
– Hyperthyroidism
– Gynecological problems: menstrual disorders, benign breast disease

Of course these conditions can occur in the absence of stress, but if you lead a stressful life and constantly have one or more conditions of the list you should consult your doctor and take action for your health.

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