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Do You Have A Laptop? You Have Health Problems!

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Sore throat, heavy head, tingling in fingers – these are common symptoms for those who use a laptop everyday. American specialists put these issues on behalf of any laptop design.

“Bad posture is the main consequence of using laptops,” says Kevin Carneiro, doctor of medicine remedial Department at the University of North Carolina. He draws attention to the fact that incorporating the keyboard and screen in the same unit makes use of laptops in the long run to give prolonged muscle pain. In addition, typing can cause carpal tunnel syndrome setting, ie nerve damage in hand, with trembling and pain.

Therefore, the specialist said that our posture should be one in which the body makes an angle of 90 degrees from the feet and eyes must be shone into the upper third of the screen. But laptops do not allow such a posture, and here comes health problems. “When using a laptop, our bodies make some sacrifices,” says Kevin Carnero. And laptops are increasingly popular, so that incorrect posture and muscle pain are increasingly present among young people.

The physician suggests for people who work long hours on their laptops to wire it to a monitor and a keyboard to prevent unpleasant classic symptoms. More than this, the laptop should be placed on a higher support for our eyes, so we can watch the monitor as doctors recommend.

In addition, at every 20 minutes of intense work is recommended a muscle relaxation break. Some exercises to correct posture and hydration with 2 liters of water a day, will keep us in shape and protects the spinal column disc pain avoiding discomfort.

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