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Effective Remedies For Chapped And Rough Hands

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Our hands should be treated properly as they are so useful and so are sensitive. Unfortunately, too many people have cuts and injuries on the hands. Rough and chapped hands creates feelings of discomfort, even so, most people do not properly care for their hands.

Whether it’s aging, weather, work environment or other external factors, this is the most effective solutions to get rid of chapped hands and restore their delicacy and pleasure to touch:

Proper water washing:

Proper washing does not mean to forget to wash our hands. It would be a fallacy! But it is necessary to not exaggerate washing your hands, especially when your hands are already cracked. Why? Because the water removes the skin’s natural layer of fat. In this connection a viable solution is to simply wash our palms.

Use a suitable soap:

It is best to use a mild liquid soap for hand washing, especially if the situation needs washing repeatedly. Opt for a gentle formula for sensitive skin with a neutral pH.

Intense moisturizing:

Do not forget to moisturize your hands, they need this so much. You can choose a recommended cream already tested or you can opt for natural remedies such as heated olive oil. Make sure you always have a moisturizer for your hands in the bag.

Beautiful Hands

No hand dryers:

Even if they are so popular today, hand dryers are damaging our hands. Choose to always dry your hands with a towel or a paper towel and stay away from the action of the electric dryer.

Protection against external factors:

Hands care require attention in the winter. Protect them from frost with a pair of gloves and applying double protection and a strong moisturizing cream.

In summer you can use a sunscreen with high sun protection factor when your skin is exposed to sunlight. A good idea is to wear gloves when washing dishes with a strong detergent.

Experts recommend that for maximum effect you need to apply two coats of cream. Apply a thin layer first and once absorbed into the skin, apply the second layer.

Special treatment for rough or chapped hands:

If you already have rough or chapped hands, you need to take special treatment to combat the aesthetic problem. Buy yourself some cotton gloves. Before you sleep, apply a fat cream, and add a few drops of olive oil, put your gloves on and wait to act until morning. The results will surely delight your hands.

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