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Eggs Excess Is Bad For Your Health?

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The egg contains all the substances needed by the body? True, but not entirely. The egg is indeed a product with a high energy content. The composition of intra albumin bioregulators, large amounts of minerals (calcium and iron), vitamins A, B1, B2 and nicotinic acid. But what is missing from eggs are carbohydrates and vitamin C. Both substances are found in cherry and other fruits.

Eggs are bad for the liver?

Terribly wrong. Why? Because the egg contains amino acids useful for the liver. Only those with mayonnaise and fried eggs can be harmful. And do not combine Vodka with eggs, keep them separately.

Eggs can cause allergies?

Sometimes. This is possible in combination with some medications.

Eggs are hard to digest?

Wrong. Everything depends on how fresh the egg is and how it was prepared. Soft-boiled egg is completely digested after 1-2 hours, while the hard-boiled egg or omelet is digested after 3 hours. So hard eggs are bad, soft eggs are better.

Eggs can be a source of salmonella illness?

Sure… If you eat more than one egg infected with salmonella. But this it’s true for all foods.


How long do you keep fresh eggs?

The degree of freshness depends on how they were kept. If the egg is not kept in the refrigerator it’s no longer fresh after one week. If kept in refrigerator in a special box of eggs with its pointed end down, with no pressure on room air (the space between the white and shell), it can be stored up to 3 weeks.

Yolk color tells us how the egg is fresh?

Yolk color (from pale yellow to bright yellow and even red) depends on the composition of feed for chickens. And their state of mind.

It’s good to be cooked?

Yes! It is ideal for egg to be cooked because if no heat is used egg protein is very difficult assimilated.

Eggs ca make me fat?

No. Even if the egg is a very nutritious, you will not gain weight. Moreover, many weight loss diets try to decrease the amount of albumin from your body, and the egg who has 13% protein and 80 kcal is a real treasure for such a diet.

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