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Emotional Acupuncture – Treat Your Emotions and Body

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Emotional acupuncture eft

Acupuncture is an ancient tradition, used since antiquity, not only to treat various physical ailments but also to balance emotions like anxiety, sadness, depression and fear.

It is known that negative emotions affect our whole body, causing various diseases. Stress, anxiety, guilt, anger, fear, depression … All these feelings are states of mind caused by the accumulation of stress in the body, when there is too little control over happenings that make us suffer, when we do not understand what is happening with us, leaving bad feelings overwhelm us…

Emotional acupuncture is also called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). EFT is an easily learned method, can be done anywhere and often the results are immediate. It is applied on people of all ages, including infants and even pets. Gary Craig simplified the complex algorithms of TFT (Thought Field Therapy) – The method behind EFT – and developed a unique algorithm, generally applicable, which can be used in all cases of interruption of the energy system.

Emotional acupuncture eft

If you want to be treated using this technique, search for an EFT professional, and you will see that the results are truly beneficial and promising.

Emotional acupuncture treats negative emotions. How people experience every-day emotions is very wrong. We don’t give time and opportunity to see why we are upset, and we don’t try to find a solution to stop these feelings. Thus, our body is kept in states of anger, resentment, sadness, pain, which accumulated, give rise to disease.

We create our own imbalances. We have certain predispositions characteristic. Some people are very sensitive, others are very irritable or anxious and confused, which shows that emotions are imbalanced and not understood. If this isolation and misunderstanding of our emotions persist in the body, will begin to develop “energy blockages” which then will be responsible for the occurrence of various diseases.

A stressed and tense person maintains a high blood pressure in the body, the stomach contracts and generates acid juice secretion, nutrients are not absorbed properly in the body, muscles are not well irrigated by the blood, and generally, the body’s immune system is ineffective, at the same time, our brain is not irrigated properly. Insomnia, colds, headaches, infections, etc… these are just a few signs that draw attention when your body is subjected to stress.

Emotional acupuncture treat depression

If we don’t take into account these signs, or if you just try to solve them all using drugs, then the body will become even more drained of energy, this being manifested by more serious diseases such as allergies, tendrils, sclerosis, cardiovascular problems, liver and kidney problems.

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